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Jul 25 2023

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We get it. We know sometimes your PDF files and presentations can contain more than 100 pages, which makes it difficult to work with. But what you really need is:

  • Few pages from a large report
  • Share a specific section of your PDF
  • Reduce file size for email attachments or save on storage space
  • A way to easily manage your documents.

Looking to achieve any of the above? Whatever your reason, there’s an easy way to go about it.

Below, we’ll show you how to split PDFs for free and extract pages from PDF online using Xodo.

How to Split PDF online for free

To split your PDF, follow these quick steps:

1. Go to Xodo’s free PDF Splitter tool.

2. Upload your PDF either from your device, Xodo Drive, or Google Drive, and Dropbox.

3. Select the pages you wish to extract. 

4. Select whether to Extract or Split your PDF pages into multiple files.

Splitting and extracting PDF pages by page range with Xodo

5. Click on the Extract or Split button to start the PDF splitting process.

6. Download your new PDF to your device.

Customize the PDF splitting process with Xodo

The best part about working with Xodo is that our free online PDF splitter can streamline the process for you. Here’s a how.

Tailor how you split your PDF content

With Xodo, you have options. When you split your PDF, you can select how to extract PDF pages from your original PDF to pages into a new PDF document: 

  • Extract: Select this option to only pull out the selected pages you need into one single PDF document
  • Split PDF pages into multiple files: This option allows you to pull out sections of pages into a new PDFs. Simply enter the page numbers or page ranges and Xodo will extract each page range into separate PDF files. 
Split PDF pages into individual files with Xodo

Customize how you view and interact with PDF pages

Xodo makes it easy to view your PDF pages at a glance. In the free PDF Splitter interface you have the following options:

  • View PDF pages: Click on the eye icon and you can view the page you’re selecting from your PDF. The page will open in Xodo’s PDF Reader.
  • Page selection: Bulk select or unselect all pages by clicking on Clear or Select All.
  • Change the interface view: Click on the viewing icon in the right-hand corner to toggle between Gallery view and List view.
Xodo’s PDF Splitter features and viewing options

Tailor the PDF pages you want to extract 

Adjust how you view your PDF to more effectively select and confirm the pages you want to extract or split.

Rotating and moving PDF pages with Xodo’s PDF Splitter tool 
  • Rotate pages: You can select to rotate and change the orientation of specific pages you select.
  • Move pages: Click and drag on the two-line handle of each page to move and rearrange them as needed when split into new PDF files.

Keep your original source file and split PDF online for easy access

One of the perks of becoming a Xodo Pro member is that the platform will let you work just the way you need to. You can save any of your newly split PDFs instantly to the cloud storage services you use daily, including Xodo Drive. Access your PDF documents anywhere, anytime.

Start organizing your PDF document with Xodo

Break down and split PDF documents just the way you need them! Our flexible PDF splitter is designed to make your PDF files more manageable.

Xodo is available online, on desktop, and on mobile using your Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device. We’ve got more than 30 PDF tools that can work hand in hand with the free PDF splitter tool, allowing you to organize, edit, annotate, and convert PDFs all in one place.

Try all Xodo Pro tools with unlimited access during our 7-day free trial. Integrate them into your document management workflow and take your productivity to the next level!

Start Your Free Trial Today

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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