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Sept 29 2023

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Ever had that moment where you're poring over a PDF, and suddenly, you find yourself staring at a page that's upside-down or sideways?

We've all been there. But those orientation issues are about to become a thing of the past. With Xodo, you get the ultimate control over your digital documents.

No more tilting your head to read sideways text or craning your neck to make sense of an upside-down diagram. Xodo's ability to rotate PDF pages and files is all about making your PDFs work for you, not the other way around.

We'll show you how to rotate a PDF and ensure your digital documents always display just the way you want them to.

How to rotate a PDF online with Xodo

Xodo gives you a couple of ways to do this depending on the tool you’re using. And the best part is that rotating PDF pages can be done right in the interface. So, whether you’re fixing a single page or an entire file, you get hands-on control.

Use Xodo PDF editing tools

Xodo’s free PDF Reader, PDF Editor, Crop PDF, and PDF Annotator tool are designed to let you work with your pages in a more streamlined way as you view or edit your PDF on the content-level.

To do so, follow these steps:

1. Open your PDF in either PDF Reader, PDF Editor, Crop PDF, or PDF Annotator.

2. Expand the side panel from the toolbar.

Expanded side panel in Xodo PDF Reader interface

3. Go the page you wish to rotate.

4. Click on the rotate icon beneath the page. Or, you can click on the 3 dots beside the page to expand the page menu option. Here you can directly choose to rotate the page either clockwise or counterclockwise. When using the Crop PDF tool, click on the View Controls gear icon to access the menu.

Xodo’s Rotate icon and View Controls menu options

5. Once you’ve rotated your pages as needed, continue your PDF task.

6. Then Download or Save a Copy of your final PDF with the newly rotated pages.

Rotate a PDF with Xodo's tools for organizing PDFs

With both the PDF Splitter and Delete Pages tools, you can get more precision while modifying your PDF files with a bird’s eye view of your pages. This allows you to rotate the pages you want to extract into a new PDF or re-orient the pages you want to keep.

Here’s how:

1. Open your PDF in either the PDF Splitter, Merge PDF, or Delete Pages tool.

2. Select the pages you want to rotate by checking on the box. When using the Merge PDF tool, click on the Select and Merge Pages option at the top of the interface to display your PDF pages.

3. Then click on the rotate page icon. Keep clicking it until the thumbnail shows your page oriented in the way that you wish.

Rotate your PDF pages before extracting them with Xodo PDF Splitter tool

4. Then continue with extracting, merging, or deleting the pages from your PDF by clicking on the corresponding (Extract, Split, Delete, Merge) button to complete the task.

Top benefits of using Xodo tools to rotate PDF files

Using a proper PDF solution like Xodo is definitely the professional way to go about rotating PDF files. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • Any of the above-mentioned tools allows you to rotate scanned PDF files as well as native (electronically generated PDFs).
  • Xodo tools will enable you to rotate a PDF permanently.
  • All tools work in a browser, so you can rotate PDFs on a Mac and on devices powered by Windows or Linux.
  • You can rotate a single page in a PDF, multiple pages, or all of them.

Use Xodo to fix pages and work with your PDFs instantly

If you're a student dealing with lecture slides, a professional fine-tuning a client presentation, or anyone working with digital documents, you can use Xodo to make last minute fixes, so your PDF pages are aligned perfectly throughout for a professional look.

Moreover, we’ve got over 30 tools that can help you go beyond just rotating pages – convert, edit, sign, compress, archive and more! Give Xodo Pro a try for free for 7 days and see how quicky you regain control over your documents for good.

Start Your 7-Day Free Trial

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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