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How to Rotate PDF Pages for Free

Sept 29 2023

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Ever had that moment where you're poring over a PDF, and suddenly, you find yourself staring at a page that's upside-down or sideways?

We've all been there. But those orientation issues are about to become a thing of the past.

No more tilting your head to read sideways text or craning your neck to make sense of a diagram when a PDF is upside down.

With Xodo, you can easily rotate PDF pages and files and make your files work for you, not the other way around.

We'll show you how to rotate a PDF and ensure your digital documents always display just the way you want them to.

How to rotate a PDF online for free with Xodo

With the Xodo's free online Rotate PDF tool, you can work with your pages in a more streamlined way as you view or edit your PDF on the content-level.

Here’s how:

1. Go to Xodo’s free online Rotate PDF tool.

2. Upload your PDF.

3. Once you have your PDF opened, you can rotate either specific pages or the entire PDF using the options available in the user interface.

Rotate PDF pages online

Xodo makes the process simple and straightforward with the below options:

Select and view PDF pages

  • Use the Clear button to uncheck all the pages selected by default to select only specific pages.
  • Click on Select all to check all pages if you change your mind and need to rotate all pages.
  • Toggle between Grid and List views by clicking on the Bullet List icon on the toolbar.

Expert Tip: To quickly select multiple non-contiguous pages, hold down CTRL key while clicking on the check boxes in the thumbnails of the pages you wish to add to your selection.

You can also use the SHIFT key in the same manner to select a range of pages at once.

Rotate and interact with individual pages

  • Click on the Eye icon on the thumbnail to view and check that the correct pages are selected.
  • Use the Rotate left or Rotate right button on the thumbnail to rotate only one page in PDFdocuments 90, 180, 270 or 360degrees in either direction.

Bulk rotate multiple PDF pages

  • Check the Rotate All box to select all the pages in the PDF so you can rotate them.
  • Use the Left or Right buttons to rotate the selected PDF pages at once.
  • Click on Reset all to undo your page selection and start over.

4. Once you have the rotation of your pages set the way you need them, click on Done to apply the PDF rotation.

Top benefits of using Xodo tools to rotate PDF files

Using a proper PDF solution like Xodo is definitely the professional way to go about rotating PDF files. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • It allows you to rotate scanned PDF files as well as native (electronically generated PDFs).
  • Xodo will enable you to rotate a PDF and save it that way.
  • Xodo is an online tool that you can use a browser, so you can rotate PDFs on a Mac and on devices powered by Windows or Linux.
  • You can rotate a single page in a PDF, multiple pages, or all of them.

Use Xodo to fix pages and work with your PDFs instantly

If you're a student dealing with lecture slides, a professional fine-tuning a client presentation, or anyone working with digital documents, you can use Xodo to make last minute fixes, so your PDF pages are aligned perfectly throughout for a professional look.

Moreover, we’ve got over 30 tools that can help you go beyond just rotating pages – convert, edit, sign, compress, archive and more! Give Xodo Pro a try for free for 7 days and see how quicky you regain control over your documents for good.

Start Your 7-Day Free Trial

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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