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How to Extract Pages from PDF

Sept 5 2023

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Ever find yourself wrestling with a massive PDF document? Need to work more efficiently with 100+ PDF pages?

Whether you're a student trying to extract specific chapters from a textbook or a business professional tasked with condensing a comprehensive report, the sheer size of these PDFs can be overwhelming.

This is where extracting pages from PDFs becomes a necessity, and the convenience of online PDF tools comes into play. 

In this post, we cover a couple of ways you can nimbly extract pages from PDF documents using Xodo.

Extract pages from PDF using Xodo

There are two ways to do this depending on what you want to achieve with your extracted PDF pages.

Either method is perfect if you’re streamlining reports, creating custom manuals, or simply getting rid of blank pages you don’t need in an easy manner.

Create new PDFs from your existing file

To extract pages into a new PDF, head over to the free PDF Splitter tool.

Here you can use Xodo to split PDF documents and extract pages into new, more concise PDFs. Simply upload your files and you can start deciding which pages to extract. With Xodo’s free PDF Splitter, you can do two things:

1. Create a new PDF from the pages you select from your existing PDF.

Click on the pages you need and select the Extract option. You can also rearrange your pages by clicking and dragging them into place, which allows you to customize your content as needed. Then click on the Extract button.

Selected PDF pages set up for extraction

2. Create smaller PDFs by specifying the page ranges you wish to extract into different files

Simply select the Split option and input the page ranges by commas to put each page range into multiple PDFs.

Delete unnecessary pages from your PDF

On top of creating and modifying PDFs from existing PDF documents, another option for extracting pages is to delete PDF pages from your PDF directly. Xodo’s Delete Pages tool can instantly delete those pages for smaller, bite-sized PDF files.

Page ranges selected for deletion in Xodo

Like with the Split option above, enter the pages or page range of the pages you want to delete. The pages that are unselected will remain.

You can rearrange the pages you wish to keep by using the same click and drag method, as well. Once you’ve selected all the pages you want to delete, click on the Delete button.

Benefit from online page extraction & more 

By extracting PDF pages or deleting pages completely modifying and customizing your PDF to just the pages you need, the benefits are immense:

  • As a student, you can extract the core chapters of a textbook for quick reference.
  • You can streamline lengthy business proposals or reports and pull out only the pages that need your attention. 
  • Organizing and managing lengthy PDFs can be improved and done easily online.
  • Extracting PDF pages can enhance your productivity – Xodo allows you to access your PDFs from anywhere – web, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Kickstart your productivity with Xodo today

You don’t need highly technical skills to cut down lengthy PDFs. All it takes is Xodo to extract your PDF pages.

More than 30 proven tools offer several advantages over other similar solutions. You can access them from anywhere, on any device, and each tool features an intuitive UI that simplifies not only PDF page extraction but also other document processing tasks.

Say goodbye to unwieldy PDFs and get ready to harness the power of proven online tools to tailor your documents down to exactly what you need.

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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