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How to Compress a PDF Online for Free

Sept 26 2023

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Discover how to quickly compress PDF and reduce the size of your documents online for free using Xodo.

You've got a PDF file, chock-full of essential information, images, and a few graphs for good measure.

But there's just one problem – it's a huge PDF file! 

Uploading it, sending it, or even just opening it feels like a mini-marathon for your device.

Sound familiar? We've all been there.

But don’t worry! We're going to show you how to efficiently reduce the size of your PDF and make it smaller online for free, without losing any quality.

Why is my PDF so big?

PDFs can often become large due to several common reasons:

  • Inclusion of high-resolution images and graphics
  • Embedded fonts or layers
  • Insufficient compression during PDF creation

One or all of these reasons combined can contribute to you ending up with an oversized PDF file.

How to reduce PDF file size online

Follow these steps to quickly compress PDF and reduce the size of your document online using Xodo:

  1. Open your PDF in the online Compress PDF tool.
  2. Select your compression level: Low (Larger file size) or High (Smaller file size).
  3. Click on Compress.
  4. Download the newly compressed PDF to your device, Google Drive, or Xodo Drive.
Compressing PDF online using Xodo

Note that the difference in file size can vary depending on the compression level you choose and the size of your PDF.

For instance, a 148-page PDF travel guide filled with high-quality images and text, originally 99,771 KB in size, produced these results using both Low and High compression levels:

  • Low compression: 96,517 KB
  • High Compression: 18,149 KB

To learn how to effectively compress PDFs on Mac using Preview and Xodo, check our quick guide here.

Compress PDF files on the go

With Xodo, one of the benefits of compressing PDF files is the ability to do it from your mobile device while on the go. Here's how:

  1. Download Xodo app to your iOS or Android phone.
  2. Tap on the Compress PDF tool under Toolbox.
  3. Add your PDF or select a file under Recent list and tap Next.
  4. Choose between Low and High compression.
  5. Tap on Compress.
Compressing a PDF on mobile with Xodo

Xodo app is more than just a PDF compressor. You can also use it to easily edit PDF on your phone and do so much more.

Reduce PDF Size and enhance your productivity with Xodo

If you're a student wrestling with upload limits or a professional managing numerous PDF files, Xodo provides efficient assistance.

Effective PDF compression is essential for any digital PDF toolbox to help save you the hard drives space and your precious time.

So go ahead - discover how other 30+ Xodo tools can make your PDF life simpler, and your digital journey a whole lot smoother. 

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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