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Xodo Drive: Secure Cloud Storage Meets Document Editing

Oct 27 2023

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Xodo Drive

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When you work with PDFs and other digital documents online, it can get overwhelming when trying to keep track of all the files you’re uploading, converting or editing, and then downloading.

Ever thought how much easier your work would be if all your files were stored in one place?

If the answer is yes, meet Xodo Drive - the secure online storage platform with integrated PDF and document processing tools.

Join us as we show you the benefits of Xodo Drive and provide tips and tricks to maximize your productivity.

What is Xodo Drive?

Xodo Drive not only provides secure online storage but also gives you easy access to advanced tools for converting, organizing, and editing PDF files and other documents from anywhere.

  • Secure cloud platform for your PDF, MS Office, and image files
  • 1GB or 5GB of available storage depending on your Xodo plan
  • Easy access to your stored files on all devices and platforms
  • User-friendly dashboard and intuitive interface
  • Direct access to Xodo tools and options for individual files

How to use Xodo Drive?

So how does Xodo Drive work? How can you use Xodo Drive to streamline your work? Below, we’ll walk you through the major features to help get you started. Let's explore!

Access and view your files in Xodo Drive

Once you log into your Xodo account, your next screen will be the Xodo Drive dashboard. Note that you can also access your Xodo Drive any time by clicking on the Home button in the upper left corner.

Here, you’ll find the essentials:

Upload: Click on the +Upload button to start transferring files from your computer to Xodo Drive.

All Files: This option will display all the files you have uploaded, stored, and saved on Xodo Drive.

Processed: This option will zero in on the files that you’ve created, converted or edited with Xodo.

Trash Bin: This option lets you view any files that you’ve deleted. You’ll have file options to Download, Recover, or Delete Forever. Note that you won’t be able to see any related tools to work with the file as you must recover them first.

Xodo Drive dashboard

Interact with files within Xodo Drive

You’ll notice that the Xodo Drive interface itself is simple, offering easy access to the most common document processing tasks. Here's a look at what you can do:

Related tools: By clicking on the grid icon, you can instantly open the file in any of Xodo’s related tools listed for the file or click on More Tools to choose another tool to work with.

View files: You can view your uploaded documents directly on Xodo Drive. Just click on the Eye icon to open it.

Download, Rename, Delete: By clicking on the 3 dots, you can choose to Download, Rename or Delete your file. As noted, deleted files will be moved to the Trash Bin.

File options from the Xodo Drive interface

Using Xodo Drive while working with your documents

Using Xodo Drive is almost second nature. Whenever you use any of the Xodo tools, you’ll always be given the option to upload your file from your Xodo Drive.

1. Go to any Xodo online tool.

2. Click on the Xodo Drive button from the document upload options available. 

File upload options for Xodo PDF to Word Converter

3. Select your PDF, digital document, or image file. Then perform and complete the task.

4. Save the processed file back to Xodo Drive by selecting it from the download options once your document task is done. The file can then be located quickly from the Processed list.

The Xodo Drive advantage

Questioning if you should use Xodo Drive instead of Google Drive and similar cloud storage solutions?

Note that Xodo Drive is purposely built to seamlessly complement our online tools, eliminating the need for constant switching between different platforms. Your files are readily available right where you're working on them, allowing you to effortlessly transition from storage to editing and vice versa. This not only simplifies your workflow but also enhances your productivity.

Here are some of the advantages you get with Xodo Drive:

Universal access to your files: Access your processed files from anywhere you log in to use Xodo, whether it be through the app, on your desktop, or on your device.

Safe and secure storage: The best cloud storage for business and personal use is one that is secure, which is what you get with Xodo Drive. The platform is just as secure as its tools are.

Quick upload and download: Xodo Drive speeds up your document tasks by letting you directly upload and download files while using any Xodo tool. Simply choose the Xodo Drive option.

Convenient and unbroken workflows: Xodo Drive helps you eliminate the gaps in your workflow. Upload your PDF to Xodo on your tablet, edit it on the web, and then download or view the same file on your phone. You don’t miss a beat!

Data loss prevention: Don’t lose any original source files or processed files. Your files are automatically saved when you save them to Xodo Drive. Even accidental deletions are minimized with the help of the Trash Bin folder.

Enjoy the full document experience with Xodo Drive

As you can see – your Xodo experience really isn’t complete without Xodo Drive! Now that you know how to make the most out of Xodo Drive and built-in tools you can get more work done.

Want to make things even easier for yourself? Stay on top of your work with 5GB of storage space, unlimited daily actions, batch upload and processing, and more with Xodo Pro.

Try Xodo Pro out with a 7-day free trial to explore the full range of its capabilities. 

Start Your 7-Day Free Trial

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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