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Jan 23 2024

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Ever felt like your PDF document was missing that one crucial page? Or perhaps you needed to add more information to an already existing file? How do you get additional pages into an existing PDF?

Well, worry not, because in this blog post, we've got a couple of tips to easily organize and add pages into your PDFs! So, if you're enhancing a presentation, extending a report, or crafting a comprehensive document, we’ll show you how to do it in 5 different ways:

  • Add pages and insert blank pages to a PDF
  • Add one page of a PDF to another
  • Replace an existing page of a PDF
  • Add an image of page to a PDF
  • Add pages to PDF on iOS and Android

Say goodbye to cumbersome workarounds – we’ve got your back on how to modify your PDFs, one page at a time using nothing but Xodo!

How to add pages to a PDF online

Adding a page to PDF can be easily done online using the PDF Editor. It lets you insert blank page in PDF, automatically rearranging the pages and page order hassle-free. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to Xodo’s PDF Editor tool.

2. Upload your PDF file.

3. Once your PDF is opened, expand the side panel to display the page thumbnail view.

4. Click on the page before or after the place where you wish to insert the page.

5. Click on the 3 horizontal dots, and under the Page Manipulation section, click on Insert.

6. In the Add New Page dialog that appears, click on Blank.

7. Choose where to move the PDF page by specifying its placement, location, how many blank pages you need, and even specify the page dimensions. Then click on Add Page(s) and your pages will be inserted.

Insert blank page in PDF online

If you’re interested in adding a page from another PDF instead, you can visit our blog post on merging PDFs for full details.

8. When your PDF pages are exactly as you need them, click on the Download button to save your PDF to your device.

How to add a PDF page to another PDF

If you wish to extract a PDF page from another file and add it to your current PDF, you can easily use the Upload option instead:

1. Go to Xodo’s Edit PDF tool and upload your PDF.

2. Expand the navigational side panel to display the page thumbnails.

3. Click on the page before or after the place where you wish to insert your pages.

4. Click on the 3 horizontal dots, and under the Page Manipulation section, click on Insert.

5. Under the Upload tab in the dialog that appears, click on Browse Files or drag and drop your PDF to upload the PDF that contains the page you want to add.

6. By default, Xodo will have all the pages selected. Click on Deselect All at the bottom of the dialog to reset and select the one page you need. Then specify where you wish to place the page. Click on Add Page(s).

Add a page to your PDF online

7. When you have the PDF page exactly where you need it, click on Download to save the PDF to your device or save a copy to Xodo Drive or Google Drive. 

How to replace pages in your PDF files

In cases where you need to swap out one PDF page for another, you can do that in one step without having to delete the PDF page first. Here’s how:

1. Go to Xodo’s Edit PDF tool.

2. Upload your PDF file.

3. In the side panel, click on the page thumbnail you wish to replace.

4. Click on the 3 horizontal dots, and under the Page Manipulation section, click on Replace.

How to add images as pages to PDF

Ever take a picture or a screenshot of page? If you have, then the image file is probably the only format of the document page you’ll have to work with.

If you want to insert such a page, you can always convert your image to PDF and then insert the PDF page, but we’ve got a quicker way – directly insert the image of the page.

To do so, select and use the Upload tab via the Insert menu option mentioned above, and instead of selecting a PDF, select your image file of the page. Then click on Add Page(s).

How to add pages to PDF on your mobile phone

For those of you who are constantly on the go, Xodo is also cross-platform and comes available as an iOS app and an Android app. This means you can also add pages to your PDF from anywhere.

Note that the process outlined below is for Android, but it’s similar enough to the process for iOS, that you can easily follow along on your iPhone as well.

1. Tap on the Xodo icon on your device.

2. Open your PDF from the list of file locations available.

3. Scroll to the page where you wish to place your page after.

4. Tap on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner to expand the menu.

5. Tap on Add...

6. On the next screen, you’ll have a few options to choose from:

Add a page to PDF on Android
  • Page: Choose from differently formatted pages styles – Blank, Lined, Grid, Graph, Music, Dotted, Isometric Dotted.
  • Page Size: Select from different, standard paper sizes, such as Letter, Legal, and Ledger to name a few.
  • Page Color: You’ll also have 3 page colors – white, yellow, blueprint, to choose from.
  • Orientation: Specify your page orientation as Landscape or Portrait.
  • Page Count: Decide how many pages you would like to add. You can add up to 1,000 pages maximum to your PDF.

Once you have all your options set, tap on OK. Your page will be inserted.

Tapping out of the PDF using the back button will automatically save the changes to your PDF. You can access the new PDF in your Processed Files folder or your Xodo Drive. 

Use Xodo for any PDF task you need

With Xodo on the go or online, you now have more than a few ways to add pages to PDF documents depending on what your PDF needs, whether it be a blank page, an existing one, or switching one out. And not only that, but you can do more!

Once you’ve added your pages to your PDF, you can continue with your PDF. You can edit PDF text, organize, rotate, and rearrange PDF pages, or review your PDF content with annotations - and all on the same platform.

Give Xodo a test drive and check out how it streamlines the rest of your PDF work!

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Reena Cruz

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