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Aug 22 2023

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As a digital worker, you undoubtedly come across a wide range of documents, and among them, the PDF format. Ever have the need to make revisions within a PDF?

Whether it's adding annotations, modifying text, or deleting PDF pages, the ability to edit a PDF is something you should be able to do at the drop of a hat. And that’s exactly what we’ll show you how to do.

In this post, we'll delve into the most common PDF editing tasks, equipping you with the tools to seamlessly manipulate and edit PDF documents with Xodo. 

How to edit PDF

Head over to xodo.com and follow the steps below to start unlocking and working with your PDF document:

1. Open your PDF in Xodo’s PDF Editor tool.

2. With your PDF open, click on your PDF and use any ofXodo’s editing featuresfrom the toolbar. Below is a closer look at the PDF editing tasks possible with Xodo PDF Editor.

A PDF opened in Xodo’s PDF Editor tool

3. Once you’re done editing your PDF, select either to Download your file to your device or save your edited PDF to Google Drive or Xodo Drive.

How to edit a PDF on Mac

If you’re on a Mac computer, you can also edit your PDF in the same way directly through your browser:

1. Go to Xodo’s PDF Editor tool.

2. Open the PDF you wish to edit and select from the editing options to make modifications to your PDF content.

3. When you’re done, select to Download your file to your device or save your edited PDF to Google Drive or Xodo Drive.

Modify PDFs with Xodo's advanced PDF Editor features

While editing documents online may seem limiting – it isn’t. Xodo provides you with the most common and most flexible editing capabilities for an online tool. Here’s a look at the features you can use to edit your PDF: 

Add annotations to your PDF for review and collaboration

Annotating PDFs with Xodo means that you can input your markups and comments ensures you can seamlessly match up your edits as closely as possible by offering up flexible options to work with your text:

  • Underline, highlight, add a rectangle around text.
  • Insert free text, free hand highlights and free hand underline to annotate outside of the box.
  • Insert notes, add a squiggly line and strikethrough.
A PDF document annotated in Xodo

Add shapes onto PDF pages

For more complex and industry-specific PDFs that contain blueprints, floor plans, or design specifications, Xodo offers refined shape annotations. You can select from the options of adding circle, polygon, and cloud shapes or insert different types of lines, arrows and arcs.

Permanently redact sensitive content

Got private and confidential details you don’t want to share in your PDF? No problem! We’ve got you covered. You can instantly black out text in a PDF and ensure that your sensitive information stays private. By selecting the Redact option, you can start highlighting and redacting the text from your PDF.

Insert images, stamps, attachments and more

With PDFs that need supplementary content or document status indicators, Xodo has the most common tools to let you insert exactly what you need. Insert standard stamps or create your own to indicate a document’s status or any action needed by the recipient. Or insert images, attachments or call outs.

A stamp inserted on a PDF page using Xodo PDF Editor

Add measurements on top of complex content

Xodo is advanced enough to include annotations where you can add area measurements with preset or customized scaling values. Accurately convey any measurement data you need for your team members directly on the page and content you need it on.

Edit and crop out PDF content

Xodo makes it simple for you to focus only the content on the page that you need. Get rid of white space, unnecessary text, images or tables, and eliminate wide margins.

You can do this with the Edit option which allows you to crop your PDF pages and keep the content you select. You can customize how you crop PDFs or select from preset cropping settings to instantly cut your PDF pages down to a standard size.

Fill and sign PDFs

PDF forms can also be edited and filled out by adding checkmarks, filling fields with text, adding an image signature, signing date, and standard or custom stamps. Upload your PDF form, fill it out, and simply download your completed form.

Create and build PDF forms

Believe it or not, Xodo lets you create and put together your own form which others can fill in. Add in signature and form fields, list boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons and check boxes, as well as free text to quickly modify and tweak any text in your PDF form.

Start editing PDFs the easy way with Xodo Pro

Xodo Pro gives you the flexibility and features needed in working with and repurposing your digital content. From PDF viewing and conversion to editing and signing, you have all the tools you need with one single platform.

There are 30+ other document management tools from Xodo that let you create, convert, and edit your documents online. On top of that, Xodo Pro lets you edit an unlimited number of PDF files and integrate your existing document management processes to increase your productivity. 

So start building your own PDF workflow online and get all the PDF tasks you need done in no time, from any device. Sign up for a Xodo Pro free trial today for 7 days.

Start Editing PDFs With Xodo Pro
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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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