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Introducing AskPDF – the New AI PDF Summarizer by Xodo

Jan 30 2024

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We’re excited to announce the release of AskPDF – our revolutionary new AI PDF Summarizer integrated into Xodo!

In this major release, we're adding powerful AI capabilities to your favorite PDF solution. Imagine getting an accurate summary of your PDF content and getting answers to your questions within seconds.

AskPDF is your personal AI PDF assistant, ready to enhance your PDF experience as you chat with, view, annotate and edit your PDF files.

Ready to chat with your documents? Let's give it a go!

How to get started with AskPDF

1. Simply go to the AskPDF tool page.

2. Upload your PDF to our free AI PDF Summarizer.

3. Ask questions about your PDF.

4. Get your PDF summary response.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, asking any additional questions you may have.

AskPDF AI PDF Summarizer chat interface

The new AI PDF Summarizer works exactly like you’d expect it to where you type in your prompts, questions, and queries and you receive a response almost instantly.

Tip: In addition to PDF files, you can also open and ask questions about your Word (DOCX) documents.

AskPDF AI Features 

Right out of the gate, AskPDF comes with some advanced AI features that’ll help you better understand your PDFs.

With AskPDF, you can: 

  • Quickly summarize PDF content.
  • Ask questions about your PDF content
  • Get linked reference pages.
  • New chat history for every PDF.
  • Take advantage of Chat app features.

Let’s get a closer look at your new PDF AI assistant!

Instantly summarize PDF content

With a simple question about your document, you can get a quick, concise, accurate summary of your PDF content.

Summarize PDF content with AI using prompts

Simply type in a prompt like “What is this PDF document about?” and you’ll get a synopsis within seconds.

Perfect for quickly scanning long PDFs and getting that first glance over its content.

Ask a specific question about your PDF

You can literally interview and ask our AI PDF Summarizer direct questions about the content of your PDF file and get answers on the spot.

Asking specific questions in AskPDF AI PDF chat

This can be an effective research trick to start getting the information you need without getting lost in the content of dense PDF text.

All it takes for AskPDF to speed up your research is a specific question.

Go to specific pages referenced by AskPDF

Need to see the actual page AskPDF is mentioning?

AskPDF is advanced enough to reference the responses it provides you with and includes links to the source pages in your PDF.

AskPDF’s response with linked page source references

Click on the reference links provided in the chat window and you'll instantly be directed to the specific page with the information you need.

New chat history for every PDF

No two PDFs are alike and so it makes sense that each chat you have with individual PDFs is different.

Once you close out of a PDF, your AI PDF chat history chat clears.

So be sure to copy your chat history by clicking on the copy icon so you can paste and retain that information in a document or notepad. 

AskPDF’s AI PDF chat copy feature

You then get to start from scratch with a clean slate and focus your chat on a new PDF separately.

Stay organized, efficient, and avoid the confusion of which responses belong to which PDF.

Chat app features

To help you quickly dive in, AskPDF starts you off with some ideas on how to start digging into your document. 

So if you’re new to the world of using AI on your PDFs, you can quickly try out some of our suggestions to get your feet wet.

Suggested prompt options from AskPDF chat bot

Generate a summary, list keywords, or find out what the main goal of the document is. Whichever suggestion you try, you can get a good feel for how the AI PDF chat works on your PDFs.

Get the most out of AskPDF with Quick Tips & Tricks

To get you off on the right foot with your new AI PDF assistant, we’ve got a few tips that can make all the difference with how you chat with your PDF.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best results:

  • AskPDF works with native PDFs and can't generate any answers for scanned content. You can use PDFs that have been processed with OCR, but the accuracy of responses will depend on the quality of the OCR Converter itself and the scanned PDF.
  • Use well-structured, organized PDF documents. Having a PDF that is coherent with proper headings and straight forward layouts usually produce the best results.
  • Be precise with your questions and their context. AskPDF can answer questions only according to what is in the PDF text.

Check out our AI PDF summarizer tips guide to get even more effective responses from AskPDF.

Summarize PDFs and Do More with Xodo

From quick queries to deep dives into your document, AskPDF is your new go-to AI PDF Summarizer to get the hard part of your work done.

You can also take advantage of over 30 innovative Xodo tools, available across web, desktop, and mobile platforms, for seamless PDF editing, conversion, annotation, redaction, form filling, and signing.

See All Xodo Tools
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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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