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Introducing Xodo PDF Studio – Powerful Editor for Your Desktop

Jun 17 2024

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Create, convert, edit, perform OCR, digitally sign, and batch process PDFs offline with our new Xodo PDF Studio, a full-featured PDF editor available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

We’ve got some exciting news!

We’re proud to announce the launch of Xodo PDF Studio - our brand-new desktop solution that brings the power of the Apryse document processing technology offline, right to your desktop.

Xodo PDF Studio is an advanced desktop editor, combining advanced PDF tools from our web and mobile versions with additional unique capabilities to meet all your PDF needs.

Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, Xodo PDF Studio enhances your PDF workflow no matter what platform you’re on.

Solet’s take a closer look at this new and exciting release you’ve been waiting for. Download the free trial below and test it out as we show you what this powerhouse PDF editor can do.

Download Free

Edit and Annotate PDFs on the Spot

Editing PDFs can be a seamless experience. You can add new text, correct typos, and images, reflow inline text and adjust content with advanced styling options in PDF with Xodo PDF Studio.

Adding text to PDF

And Xodo PDF Studio provides an array of advanced annotation tools, allowing you to add sticky notes, stamps, freestyle notes, and typed text directly onto the page, empowering you to interact with the content your own way.

Instantly tailor and work with your PDF content at any level whether you’re manipulating PDF pages or simply marking up a page.

Easily Convert Your Documents

No need to retype or reformat your document – just use Xodo PDF Studio to turn any document into a PDF and vice versa without compromising quality.

Whether it's PDFs, Microsoft Office files or highly detailed vectorized images, you can seamlessly work with, convert, and manage all your digital documents.

Converting PDF documents

Create the perfect PDF that’s easy on the eyes and even easier to share. Enjoy fast, quality conversions in only a few clicks, enabling you to create documents exactly the way you need them.

Fast Track Work with Batch Processing

Get through a long line of PDFs using batch processing, efficiently performing repetitive tasks across multiple documents at once. The advanced batch processor in Xodo PDF Studio can merge, OCR, sign, secure, and optimize hundreds of PDFs with ease.

Batch processing PDF documents

You can perform batch tasks on individual pages within your PDF and batch convert your documents to and from various formats, including images and text, as well as PDF/A standards, if required.

Another handy feature? Xodo PDF Studio’s Action Wizard. With it, you can automate custom routine tasks for your PDF! Create your own custom process with a series of commands with just a few clicks and assign your process to one document or multiple documents. In either case, you can speed up your workflow drastically!

Whether it's batch merging, resizing, or converting files, Xodo PDF Studio has you covered so you can focus on the more important work!

Work Offline on Windows, macOS and Linux

You asked, and we've delivered! You can now securely work offline with the flexibility to use Xodo PDF Studio on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Compatibility across the most popular platforms ensures you have access to all the essential PDF editing functionalities on your everyday computer.

Cross platform PDF Editor

Xodo PDF Studio streamlines your document workflow across all platforms, providing you with the freedom to work seamlessly from any device.

Secure PDFs Before You Share Them

Ensure peace of mind when sharing your documents with Xodo PDF Studio's comprehensive security features. Easily add passwords, redact text, and sanitize your documents for enhanced security.

For more complex security you can add encryption, certify the document, use digital IDs, and advanced signatures. If you already have a Xodo Sign account, you can sign and share your documents using the integrated feature to open your PDF in Xodo Sign and then seamlessly prepare it for eSigning. 

Signing PDF

Xodo PDF Studio ensures your PDF documents remain confidential and secure at any level or stage in your workflow.

Experience the Full Power of Xodo PDF Studio & More

Sign up for Xodo PDF Studio to improve your PDF workflow on your desktop with a superior Adobe Acrobat alternative!

From content editing and batch processing to accurate PDF conversion and advanced security, Xodo PDF Studio offers tools that can cater to every PDF need in your day-to-day work.

If you're new to the Xodo universe, also check out our Document Suite that offers full access to all Xodo tools on web, desktop, iOS and Android platforms with a single, affordable subscription.

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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