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How to Chat with PDF Using AI

Feb 27 2024

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Chat with your PDF and get effective responses by trying out a few of our tips. From specific prompts to targeted questions, we cover what you need to keep in mind while using AI to work with your PDF documents.

Struggling with manual PDF research?

Performing tedious text searches?

Stuck reading long PDFs?

You no longer have to. With AI, your PDF tasks become smarter, faster, and more efficient.

From intelligent data extraction to advanced search capabilities, using an online PDF AI summarizer like AskPDF or ChatPDF, can help solve a lot of issues that can plague you as a digital document worker.

Trust us – using AI for your PDF is a game-changer.

Now let’s look at a few tools to chat with PDF documents online. Join us as we explore the power of AI on PDFs to get the most out of your documents. Get ready to work smarter, not harder! We'll show you how.

How to chat with PDF using AskPDF by Xodo

With Xodo’s AskPDF AI PDF summarizer, it’s easy to get started.

1. Simply go to Xodo’s PDF Editor.

2. Click on the AskPDF button in the bottom right-hand corner.

3. Ask a question about your PDF. Or use one of the suggested prompts.

4. Get your summary response.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, asking any additional questions you may have.

Chat with PDF AI summarizer

And that’s it! The best part is that AskPDF is part of the Xodo platform with 30+ PDF tools to work with. You'll get added AI PDF chat integrated right into your PDF workflow!

AskPDF can do the research for you, allowing you to then use Xodo to work with the PDF as needed. Some PDF tools you can use to continue your work include:

No matter which PDF task you have on your plate, AskPDF has your back!

How to chat with your PDF using ChatPDF.com

Another tool to help you summarize your PDF is ChatPDF, which helps you do just that – chat with your PDF to help you learn about the content in your PDF.

If you have an account, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to chatpdf.com.

2. Upload your PDF document.

3. In the interface, choose from one of the suggested options or start typing in a question.

4. Get your response.

5. Repeat.

Tips for asking smarter questions with PDF AI 

Now that you’re set up with your PDF summarizer, the next thing to do is use it effectively. Below we have a few tips to help craft the perfect prompt and interact with your PDF easily.

Summarizing PDFs with AI

When summarizing your PDF with AI, be specific with what you need out of your summary. Do you need content summarized in 50 words or one paragraph? Do you want a synopsis or detailed summary?

Also, ensure that your prompt is clear and that you consider how you’re using the summary. If you’re using the summary to include in a document, you can include a particular audience in your prompt.

Asking AI questions about your PDF

As you may know, AI is all about how effective your prompts and questions are. So, you’ll want to try to ask your PDF questions that drill down to what you’re looking for.

Ask clear, direct, and open-ended questions. Keep your queries specific to the content in your file. And ask focused and targeted follow up questions to get as many specific details as you can.

Working with chat PDF AI responses

Different AI chat tools have different features. Use them to your advantage to work more effectively, whether you’re reviewing, researching, or planning to annotate the PDF document.

If you can copy or save your chats, paste them into another document for reference. Or, if you’re given links to certain pages, use them to navigate long PDFs or to create bibliographic references.

Uploading PDF documents to AI PDF summarizer tools

Things to keep in mind when uploading PDFs? Upload structured PDFs that have well-defined formatting, headings, and sections. The clearer the PDF, the easier it is for the AI summarizer.

Also, upload native PDFs. If you have a scanned PDF, though, ensure you run an OCR converter on it first. File size can also be a factor in quick responses, so extract any PDF pages you know you don’t need.

How PDF AI chat boosts your PDF productivity

Using a PDF summarizer offers a ton of benefits when it comes to working with PDF documents that’ll put you ahead of the game. Here are just a few:

  • Speed up work and research with PDF content

Manually handling the research AI tools generate for you is half the battle, and the features that come with AI PDF summarizer tools are there to help.

The ability to copy chat responses, follow navigation links, and start with suggested prompts are simple yet powerful features that can go a long way to get you through your content faster.

  • Read large amounts of PDF information quickly

If you’re stuck with dense research papers, lengthy articles, or extensive reports, an AI chat with your PDF will help you get a quick overview and break the content down.

PDF summarizer AI technology can intelligently scan and search your PDF text. When summarizing lengthy content, try working in sections so you can focus, dig deeper, and tackle huge PDFs in an organized way.  

AI Chat PDF summarization
  • Expedite and improve the decision-making process

With the ability to ask your PDF questions, you can better grasp contract terms, agreements, and proposals. You’ll be able to perform your due diligence and make better business decisions.

By asking specific questions about agreement details, legal clauses, and long paragraphs, you’re able to get to the main points faster with accurate AI responses.

  • Better understand complex documents, text, and forms

A PDF summarizer can help you tease out and explain complex information and boil it down into content you can understand more easily.

PDF AI summarizer tools can scan PDF text and respond in an interactive chat that generates a response that explains things in plain language you can relate to.

Whether you're a student juggling research papers or a professional managing reports, AI has your back. You get a versatile solution that can help dig through your PDFs any time.

Use AI PDF Summarizer in your document workflow

With the AI summarizer tools we covered and the above tips, you can quickly search and extract the details you need. But why stop there?

Boost your document management skills and use Xodo’s PDF tools on top of our AI PDF chat tool. Edit, annotate, view, and fill in the PDF documents AskPDF helps you understand. Try them out today.

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Reena Cruz

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