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How to Make a PDF Signable

Feb 9 2024

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Making PDFs signable is a game-changer for getting signatures securely, whether it's for a contract, agreement, or a plain form. It cuts out the need for printing, signing, and rescanning documents back into a digital PDF.

By making it easy for others to digitally sign a PDF, you get the perfect all-round solution that can improve and expedite the signing process. Wondering how you can combine security, convenience, and efficiency into your signing workflow?

If so, then read on and explore the latest signing tools with us. We’ll show you how to add a digital signature field to PDF documents using a free online PDF Editor, and a more advanced online document signing solution like Xodo Sign. 

How to make a PDF signable online for free 

Making a PDF signable using Xodo PDF Editor is incredibly simple. This is how you do it:

1. Go to Xodo’s free online PDF Editor tool. 

2. Choose and open your PDF file. You can upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Xodo Drive.

3. From the top menu, choose Build Form.

4. Add a signature field simply by clicking on the signature icon and then clicking and dragging to the desired position and size onto your page. Then customize the signature field using the available options and click on OK.

Make a PDF signable with free online PDF editor

5. Once you’ve added a signature field, click on Apply Fields. You now have a signable PDF!

6. Save it to your device or Xodo Drive.

In addition to adding signature boxes to PDF documents, our free online PDF editor allows you to also add text boxes, check boxes, and other kinds of fillable fields. So creating and completing a fillable PDF form or questionnaire is no problem.

Add an electronic signature to your signable PDF

Now that your PDF contains a signature filed, here is how to create an electronic signature and sign your document:

1. In the PDF Editor menu, switch over from Form Builder to Sign tools.

2. Click on the Sign here signature field you added previously.

3. Add your electronic signature or initials. You can draw, type, or upload your e-signature.

Add electronic signature to PDF online for free

Your signature is saved when you create it, so you can reuse it without having to recreate it each time. Your PDF, complete with signature, can now be downloaded to your device or stored in Xodo Drive.

How to make a PDF signable on mobile

The best part about Xodo is that it’s cross compatible and comes with Android app and iOS app versions so you can create signable PDFs on the go from wherever you are.

The following steps are for Android users, but the process is similar for Apple devices. So, you can also follow along if you’re on the iOS app.

1. Tap on the Xodo icon to open the app.

2. Open your document from the list of file locations available.

3. Tap on the drop-down menu at the top and select Prepare Form.

4. Tap on the signature field from the options of form fields available.

5. Then, tap on the page where you want to place the signature field. Long press and drag on the corners of the field to size the field as needed.

6. You can then do one of two things:

a. Save the document. Tap on the back button beside the drop-down menu.

b. Sign the document. Tap on the drop-down menu and select Fill and Sign. Tap on the signature button from the toolbar.

You can then either type, draw, or upload your signature. Or, if you already have a saved signature, select it from the signature menu. Tap on the back button when you’re done.

Your new document will be saved to the Processed files folder on your device.

Make a PDF signable & collect signatures from others

Numerous contracts and agreements oftentimes require signatures from multiple parties, which means you’ll need access to more advanced online document signing. With Xodo Sign, you have the flexibility to incorporate signature fields for multiple signers.

To make your PDF signable by multiple signers, first create a Xodo Sign account.

Create A Xodo Sign Account

Once your account is created, log into Xodo Sign and follow the steps below:

1. Click on the “+” icon that appears to the right of “Documents” in the main menu to bring up the New Document page.

2. Choose the signing option that meets your needs: Me and Others or Others Only

3. Upload your PDF using the available options. You can upload several documents and send them all together, as an “envelope”, simply by clicking Choose files again.

Making a PDF signable with Xodo Sign

4. In the "Signers and CCs" section, enter the name and email address of your initial signer. To add more signers, click on Add Signer or CC.

If you prefer the document to be sent to signers in a specific order, select the Signing Order checkbox located on the right. If left unchecked, the document will be sent to all signers simultaneously. You can also enhance security with SMS as an additional authentication method. 

5. Next, click on Prepare.

6. In the document editor interface that appears, insert the initials, signature, and signature-related fields as needed.

Adding signature fields to PDF with Xodo Sign

To assign these fields to a specific signer, navigate to the top right corner and click on the signer's name. Then, select the signing field from the list on the right-hand side and drag it to the desired location on your document.

7. Repeat this process for each signer.

8. Click on Send and your document will be on its way to your signers!

Xodo Sign can take care of sending signing emails to recipients and offers reminders to ensure prompt completion. Both signers and senders receive email notifications when documents are signed and completed, along with the completed document. Notifications can be configured by the sender.

Get advanced eSignature features in Xodo Sign

Xodo Sign offers a plethora of advanced e-signature features tailored to meet even the most intricate requirements to share and create signable PDFs:

  • Allocate fillable fields such as initials, date signed, text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, drop downs, upload fields, and beyond.
  • Download or securely store signed agreements within your Xodo Sign account.
  • Generate a comprehensive audit trail with each document – record identities of signers, their e-signatures, timestamps, email addresses, and IP addresses.
  • Automate the sending of signing emails and reminders to recipients.
  • Get real-time updates on your document's progress.
  • Create reusable templates for frequently utilized forms, such as application forms, HR documents, rental agreements, and more.
  • Customize signing emails with your own logo and messaging.

Xodo Sign simplifies the online document signing process, promoting efficiency and ensuring timely completion with easy access and collaboration features.

Securely sign your important documents on any device

You’ve learned how to effortlessly make your PDF signable with our free online PDF editor. And you now know how to securely sign contracts online with legally binding signatures using Xodo Sign.

Xodo is the go-to solution for all your PDF needs with over 30 different PDF and document processing tools, including Sign PDF and Fill PDF Forms.

Besides its web accessibility, Xodo provides a dedicated iOS app, allowing you to effortlessly sign PDFs on your iPhone. Check out all our tools below!

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Reena Cruz

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