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How to Sign PDF on iPhone

Nov 24 2023

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Ever struggle with sealing deals, authorizing a digital contract, or adding your stamp of approval to official PDF drafts? We know that signing PDFs can be full of challenges. And when you’re mobile – those challenges increase tenfold.

From creating a reliable digital signature to retaining the security of the signing process, you need a user-friendly, transparent, and trustworthy way to add electronic signatures. The solution? Xodo. It's not just an app; it's your virtual pen and paper.

In this post, we’ll give you a good look at how to sign, fill in, and review PDFs on your iPhone. Plus, we’ll introduce you to our more advanced PDF signing tool for easy access to the more heavy-duty signing capabilities.

Ready to transform your device into a pocket-sized contract signer? Keep reading!

How to sign documents on your iPhone

To sign documents on iPhone devices, follow these steps:

1. Download theXodo iOS app on your iPhone from the Apple App Store:

Download iOS App

2. Once installed, tap on the Xodo icon.

3. Locate, select, and open the PDF that needs your signature.

4. Tap on the Lightning Bolt icon from the toolbar and tap on the eSign PDF tool from the list.

5. Then tap on the Create signature button at the bottom. 

6. Add your signature. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Draw: By default, you can start drawing your signature with your finger. Tap on Done in the toolbar. Tap on the page where you want to place it.
  • Type: Tap on the “T” icon to start typing out your signature. Tap on the Done button and then tap on the page to add it onto the page.
  • Upload your signature: Tap on the Image upload icon. Then select the source where your signature image is located. Select the image file of your signature to upload it and tap on the page to place it. Tap Done when you’re finished.

Also, note that when you either type or draw your signature, you can select to save it to Xodo Drive. You can then quickly select it from the signature drop down list the next time you need to sign a PDF. 

Once your signature is placed on the page, you can tap on it and drag on the handles to resize it. To move it, long-tap and drag your signature to where you need it.

7. Tap on Finish. Xodo will process and save the newly signed PDF in your Processed Files list.

To add another signature, ensure that you’ve saved the signature you created. Then while in the same session, ensure that your signature is visible and still active in the signature drop down list. Go to the page where it’s needed and just tap on the area where you need to add it. 

Expert Tip: In cases where initials are required, type or sign your initials instead when you go to create a signature. Save it. When you need to add initials, just select it from the dropdown list and tap where you need it on the page.

How to fill in and sign forms on iPhone?

Need to add your details? Check a box? Filling out PDF forms on an iPhone can sound cumbersome. But the Xodo app lets you easily input your details just as easily as adding your signature. Here’s how to fill in form on iPhone: 

1. Open your PDF in Xodo.

2. Tap on the dropdown list in the upper left-hand corner and tap on Fill and Sign.

3. Tap on the form field functionality you need and then tap on the page where you need it.

4. Fill in your details and information. You can insert a number of details and fields: text and comb fields, date, check boxes, radio buttons, and standard or customized stamps. For text additions, you can customize the text, font, font size, colour, and more.

5. Finally, add your signature to the form by tapping on the Signature Tool icon from the toolbar, selecting or creating your signature and tapping on the page to place it.

When you’re done, Xodo will automatically save the form fields once you tap out of the file. It’ll be saved under your Processed Files folder.

How to review PDF before signing?

We know that official documents needing approval can oftentimes require collaborative review. If you’re looking to quickly include some brief input, use the Annotation features to place them directly on the page.

1. Open your PDF in the Xodo iOS app.

2. Select the Annotate option from the drop-down menu.

3. Tap on the annotation feature you need. Then tap on the page where you have suggestions to make.

4. Add your mark up, text, and annotations as needed. You can add free text, typed text, highlights, notes, strikethroughs, and more.

You can also customize your annotations: select your highlight colour, the font, size and colour of your text, and pen stroke width – just to name a few.

5. Once you’ve added all your annotations, tap on the Lightning Bolt icon and select the eSign PDF tool to sign your PDF using the steps in the first section above.

For reviews that may need more in-depth consideration or comments, you can easily add your annotations and mark ups to PDF pages online, as well.

Add legally binding eSignatures with Xodo Sign

While the Xodo iOS app will let you quickly create electronic signature on iPhone, there’ll be times when you need a more secure, robust, and legal electronic signature tool. And for those documents, there’s Xodo Sign.

It provides you with features to work with a wide range of different formats and documents that require more technical and security needs – and all you need is a free account to start.

Once you’ve signed into your account on your mobile device, you can start working on signing your documents. You get the ability to authenticate your signature, access and create signatures, and easily manage your document signing queue. Xodo Sign makes it easy to quickly create, sign and send your documents.

Sign documents on iphone with Xodo Sign

And Xodo Sign gives you access to everything you need to stay on top of your signed documents with a comprehensive dashboard that puts it all at your fingertips.

Get more advanced options with Xodo Sign

On top of letting you add a legal electronic signature to your PDFs, Xodo Sign’s features can also support complex signing workflows. Xodo Sign enables you to send out documents for multiple people to sign, in whatever sequence you want them to sign in. Xodo Sign takes care of all the sending, and manages notifications to sender and signer, as well as reminders, and document expiry.

Depending on your account level, you can take advantage of:

  • Legal Compliance: Sign and manage documents with eSignatures that pass compliance levels and international security requirements to ensure authenticity of signatures.
  • Audit trails: Keep track of your transactions with secure and comprehensive audit trails. Get date, names, and time stamps.
  • Templates: Create templates to quickly duplicate, set up, and pre-fill the forms you use most.
  • Document Editing: Turn regular static forms into PDF forms that can be signed.
  • Document Management: Keep all your documents in one place for easy access when you need them.
  • Unlimited Signing: Xodo Sign offers unlimited signing with all its paid plans.

Xodo Sign offers different account levels that scale up as your team and business does. Upgrade from a free account to either a Basic (1 user), Professional (5 users), or Professional Plus account(15 users) - Xodo Sign’s plans can scale right up to plans for thousands of users!

Sign, secure and work with PDFs with Xodo 

With Xodo's intuitive and seamless PDF signing tools, you're not just adding a signature; you're adding more to your productivity toolbox, whether mobile or online, or on the desktop. 

Try Xodo's PDF signing tools and elevate your document signing experience. Sign contracts, forms and agreements like a pro, anytime, anywhere. And if you need more PDF manipulation, conversion, or editing features, our Xodo Pro platform has more than 30+ tools for you to keep up with your esigning workflow.

Ready to leave your mark? Get started with Xodo!

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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