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14 Excel Templates Perfect for Small Businesses

Jun 30 2023

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Whether you need to balance your budget, keep track of expenses and profits, or organize your operations, Excel is one of the best office tools for analyzing data and organizing information.

However, one of the biggest challenges for any industry professional is having the Excel expertise to set up a spreadsheet that does what you want.

Don’t have time to set up and figure out how to structure your spreadsheet? No worries! We’ve got 14 Excel templates you can use instantly.

Budget and Finance Templates

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it is important to be able to track and budget your company’s finances. The first step is to simply start by converting your financial data in PDF to Excel with Xodo, and then use the templates below to track and calculate your budget accurately.

1. Business budget template 

One template you’ll need is a business budget template that’ll give you a basic, yet effective overview of your company’s financials. Enter your amounts by income, personnel expenses, and operating expenses to get an accurate real-time summary that will help you budget.

2. Small business cashflow forecast template 

Microsoft's small business cash flow forecast template helps you anticipate if your company’s cashflow will be enough to meet your financial obligations. You can enter in your cashflow numbers for instant calculations and even generate a chart to summarize your monthly balances. 

3. Budget summary report template 

Recording business data for an annual budget summary report in MS Excel

This budget summary report template helps you evaluate and track your overall financial budget in relation to your competitors, regional sales, shareholder equity, and more. Everything is kept on track in a simple summary report to give you a bird’s eye view of your business. 

4. Balance sheet template

This balance sheet template is a simple, yet effective template. You can use it to track your net worth, equity, assets, and liabilities as a small business owner. Get a year-by-year comparison on any fluctuations by simply filling in your numbers. 

5. Startup expenses template 

If your business is just getting off the ground, this startup expenses template can help guide you on what you need to keep track of. It includes sections for expenses, investors and loans, inventory, promotional expenses, along with brief advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Operational and General Templates

These templates focus on the operational aspects of your business in greater detail. This template will oversee the day-to-day expenses, tasks and projects that are needed to run the company smoothly.

6. Expense budget template 

Analyzing business expenses in MS Excel

This expense budget template focuses on a detailed breakdown of your company’s expenses. You can track things like office, employee, traveling, and training costs. The template is programmed to calculate the differences between actual and planned expenses.

7. Project performance reports

For tracking projects, you can use this project performance report template. It lets you record high-level status on multiple projects that are tied directly with estimated and actual budget costs. It uses conditional formatting for estimating costs at granular levels.

8. Sales invoice tracking template

We’ve picked out this sales invoice tracking template to help you quickly set up a tracking system for customers and invoices. Store and maintain a record of your customers, invoices, and purchase details so you can stay on top of all your sales records.

9. Event budget template

Tracking a business event budget in MS Excel

If you’re planning a company event, this event budget template helps you drill down the costs of the event in detail – from catering and event speakers to advertising and venue fees. Compare the estimated cost versus the actual costs and income in several categories.

Employee Templates

No business becomes successful on its own. Assembling and managing a team of employees is also key to its success. Below you’ll find a few HR-related and project management templates that can help you track and organize anything related to your workers, ensuring everyone has what they need.

10. Employee timesheet (weekly, monthly, yearly) 

An essential template you shouldn’t be without is an employee timesheet. The template we picked out for this section will help you track hours daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Simply duplicate the worksheet timecard for each employee.

11. Employee absence schedule template

This employee absence schedule easily complements the time sheet card above. Keep track of employee vacation days, sick days, and personal days. The template is simple to use with colour-coded blocks to denote the type of absence tracked by days and months, so you can easily update your payroll in detail.

12. Business trip budget template 

Tracking a company’s business travel budget in MS Excel

Planning a work-related trip? This business trip budget template helps you plan out and record all the costs of any business trip including travel fares, hotels, dining, transportation and anything else that goes into making a business trip for your employees successful

13. Project timeline with milestones template

If you and your team are working on a project, keep everyone on track with this four week project timeline template. This template is a more simplified project tracker than the previous project performance template, letting you assign tasks visually by deadline and in coordination with other tasks.

14. Adjustable meeting agenda

For team meetings, nothing is more important than staying within your time budget. An adjustable meeting agenda can help when trying to schedule in different speakers, points of discussion, and any last-minute changes.

Manage, plan, and work with business documents online using Xodo 

These Microsoft Excel tips and templates are just the start of planning out and managing your business more efficiently.

With Xodo’s online tools and multi-platform experience, you can planning your day-to-day more effectively and focus on the more important aspects of your business.

The best part is that once your spreadsheet is set up, you can save it on Xodo Drive and view it on the go, in meetings, or while working. Reference and update it from anywhere using our Xodo mobile apps on Android, iOS, or Windows (UWP).

Check out what other tools Xodo has to offer and enhance your workflow online.

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