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How to Organize PDF Pages

Jun 4 2024

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Sort and organize your PDFs with Xodo's editing tools. Easily merge, split, delete, rearrange, and rotate your PDF pages online.

Have you ever dealt with disorganized and lengthy PDFs? Then you know that disorganized PDF pages can lead to frustration and wasted time.

Need to create a more coherent, organized, and complete PDF document?

Fortunately, the entire process is easy with Xodo.

We'll provide you with all the tools you need to organize your PDF pages and show you how to:

  • Merge PDF online
  • Split PDF online
  • Delete PDF Pages online
  • Rearrange PDF online
  • Rotate PDF online

Start sorting your PDFs efficiently with our quick and easy methods to create a user-friendly, organized PDF file.

Organize PDF Online with Xodo

You can easily organize your PDFs with Xodo’s online tools. Whether it's school papers, business contracts, or e-books, organizing your PDFs is a breeze.

We’ll show you how to combine different PDFs, split them into individual files, delete specific pages, rearrange pages in any order, and rotate pages as needed.

How to merge PDF online

Follow these steps to quickly merge PDF files online with Xodo:

  1. Go to the online PDF Merger tool.
  2. Upload PDF files you want to merge.
  3. Click on Merge to merge entire files or use Select and merge pages option to combine only specific pages from the documents.
  4. Click the Download button to save your merged PDF.
Merge PDF files online with Xodo

This method to organize and merge PDF pages is best when you need to:

  • Add supplementary information, appendices, graphs, tables and charts from one PDF to another.
  • Create different reports or consolidate chapters into a new PDF document.
  • Insert pages to sign if you’re creating a signable PDF form.
  • Share and send multiple PDFs to others for collaboration.

How to split PDF online

Here's how to split large PDF files online with Xodo:

  1. Go to the online PDF Splitter tool.
  2. Upload your PDF.
  3. Select the pages you wish to extract.
  4. Choose to split selected pages into single or multiple PDF files.
  5. Click on the Extract or Split button.
  6. Click on Download to save your new PDF.
Split PDF files online with Xodo

When you split a PDF, this can make it easier to:

  • Manage lengthy PDFs, such as eBooks, published reports or academic documents.
  • Extract pages from PDF to create more concise documents from larger, complex PDFs.
  • Break down a large PDF textbook into smaller files for easier, more focused studying.

How to delete PDF pages online

Follow these easy steps to delete pages from your PDF online with Xodo:

  1. Go to the online Delete PDF Pages tool.
  2. Upload your PDF.
  3. Select all the pages you want removed, or type in the range of pages to remove.
  4. Click the Delete button.
  5. Click the Download button to save your PDF to your device.
Delete pages from PDF online with Xodo

Deleting specific PDF pages is very helpful when dealing with blank pages, title pages, forewords, unnecessary indices or tables of contents, and irrelevant pages.

How to rearrange PDF online

Here's how to seamlessly sort and rearrange PDF pages online:

  1. Go to Xodo’s Rearrange PDF Pages tool.
  2. Upload your PDF file.
  3. Drag and drop the page thumbnails to change the order of pages in PDF as needed.
  4. Click on Reorder Now.
  5. Click on Download to save the new PDF to your device or save it to Google Drive or Xodo Drive.
Rearrange PDF pages online with Xodo

This method is ideal when you need to get more granular with organizing your PDF pages. Some instances include:

  • Correcting and optimizing the flow of information in the PDFs you’re working with.
  • Finalizing drafts for reports, presentations, or contracts among team members.
  • Ensuring that your documents are coherent for others who will be viewing them.

How to rotate PDF online

Follow these steps to rotate pages in a PDF online with Xodo:

  1. Go to the online Rotate PDF tool.
  2. Upload your PDF.
  3. Rotate either specific pages or the entire PDF using the options available in the user interface.
  4. Click on Done to apply the PDF rotation.
Rotate PDF pages online with Xodo

Expert Tip:  You can select multiple individual pages, by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the thumbnail check boxes. Or, use the SHIFT key in the same manner to select a desired range of pages at once.

Simplify Your PDF Management with Xodo’s PDF editing tools

You just learned how to easily organize your PDF documents. By merging, splitting, deleting, rearranging, and rotating PDF pages, you can instantly tailor hard-to-edit PDFs on the spot.

As you transform and organize your PDF content, you can enhance your workflow with Xodo’s 30+ other PDF tools to edit text, sign and fill forms, compress, archive, and annotate PDFs.

Try all Xodo tools today to discover how easy it is to manage and work with PDF and other digital file formats.

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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