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How to Delete a Page in Word (5 Easy Ways)

Jan 12 2024

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Digital documents aren’t always perfect. Oftentimes, there can be pages in your Word document that you don’t need. This could be blank pages, pages with unnecessary content, or section breaks and invisible formatting markers.

Whether you've got rogue blank pages or unwanted sections, deleting those kinds of pages is a necessity. Unintentional blank pages can result in wasted paper and ink when printing, and it can disrupt the overall flow of the content.

Well, we’ve got five easy ways to help you with the task:

  • Delete a Page in Word on Windows
  • Delete a Page in Word on macOS
  • Delete a blank page in the middle of the document
  • Delete a page in an online Word editor
  • Delete a Page in MS Word on iOS and Android

If you need to remove page in Word, check out the quick and easy methods below.

How to delete a page in Word on Windows

The first and most common method to delete page in Word is on Windows.

1. Click on the page you want to delete and press Ctrl + G.

2. In the Enter page number field type “\page” to select the content on the page.

Selecting content to remove page in Word application

3. Press Enter on your keyboard and then click on Close

4. Ensure that the content of the page is selected. Press Delete on your keyboard.

5. Then go to the top of the UI toolbar and click on the Save icon to save the changes to your file.

Note that, depending on how many pages you delete and the content on them (images, formatted graphics, or comments you want removed), this can also improve and reduce the size of your Word documents.

How to delete a page in Word on macOS

If you’re a macOS user, you can also delete a page in MS Word. Just follow the steps below:

1. Open your document in MS Word for Mac.

2. Click on the page you want to delete.

3. Press Option + Command + G.

4. In the Enter page number box, type "\page".

5. Press Enter on your keyboard, and then select Close.

6. Once you have all the content selected, press the Delete key on your keyboard. 

7. When the page has been removed, simply save the file to your computer.

How to remove a blank page in the middle of a Word document 

Blank pages can also occur in the middle of your document, which you can delete in a similar manner:

1. In the MS Word toolbar go to the View tab and check the Navigation Pane checkbox to open the Navigation side panel.

2. Once the Navigation side panel is opened, select Pages.

3. Select the thumbnail of the blank page to remove.

Delete blank page in Word document

4. Press the Delete key on your keyboard. The blank page should then be removed.

5. Once your page is deleted, save the newly edited Word document to your computer.

Expert Tips:

a. When deleting blank pages from the middle of your file, look for and delete any manual page break marks, as well. They could be causing the blank page. Use Ctrl + Shift + 8 (Command + 8 on a Mac) to display them.

b. There may also be deleted section breaks that are generating a new page. Try reformatting the section break by selecting it and going to the Layout tab. In the Page Setup section, go to Breaks > Continuous > OK.

c. Next Page, Odd Page, and Even Page section breaks may also be creating a blank page. Got one at the end of your document? See a section break there, too? If so, place your cursor before the section break then press Delete to get rid of it.

d. If you see an undeletable end-paragraph that bleeds onto a blank page at the end, try reducing the font size so it fits onto the preceding page. Highlight the paragraph mark and then reduce the font until the blank page disappears.

Delete pages in Word using an online Word editor

For those of you who work consistently online, you also have the option of using an online Word editor where the process is just as easy:

1. Go to Xodo’s online Word Editor.

2. Open your Word document.

3. Go to the page you wish to delete and press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete all the text on the page until it disappears.

Select text to remove page in Word using an online editor

Note that this only works for pages that contain text. If you have a blank page in your document, the DOCX editor won’t display it.

4. Once your page is deleted, click on the Download button to save a copy to your device, or you can save your document to Xodo Drive or Google Drive.

How to delete a page in Word on iOS and Android

With MS Word apps available for iOS devices, you can also delete pages from MS Word:

1. Open your Word document in MS Word app on your iOS device.

2. Go to the top of the blank page you wish to delete.

3. Long press so that the text selection handles appear.

4. With the keyboard activated, use the backspace key to delete the page.

The steps for how to delete extra page in Word on your Android device are similar in nature to the above:

1. Open your Word document in the MS Word app on your Android device. If needed, switch from viewing mode to editing mode by tapping on Edit when your document is opened.

2. Go to the blank page you wish to delete.

3. Then long press to display the text selection handles on the page.

4. Tap on the backspace key on your keyboard or the Cut feature (scissors icon) to delete the page.

Delete page in MS Word on Android

Start doing more with Microsoft Word and Xodo

Having learned how to delete a page in Word, you should check out a few of our other tips to round out your MS Word skills and take them to the next level with the help of Xodo:

Ready to streamline how you work with MS Word? Explore Xodo today!

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