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How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Aug 1 2023

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Got a PowerPoint presentation that you’re looking to share?
Emailing it to others?
Uploading it to a website?

No matter how you share it, you’ll want to convert it to a PDF file first.


For a few good reasons.

For one, PDF files can prevent any unauthorized access to your slides.

For another, you don’t have to worry about how your formatted text wrapping or image layout looks on different devices.

And lastly, if you’re collaborating with a team, a PDF can be the best way to get comments and suggestions on your deck with a few PDF annotations.

We’ll cover the process of converting your PowerPoint presentation to PDF online the easy way – with Xodo. Let's dive in!

Convert PowerPoint to PDF online

When you convert your PowerPoint to PDF with Xodo, you eliminate the complexity of the process with software installations and confusing options. Just follow the steps below:

1. Go to Xodo’s free PowerPoint to PDF tool.

2. Upload your PowerPoint presentation from either your device, XodoDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Upload PowerPoint files to the Xodo PowerPoint to PDF Converter

3. Click on Convert.

More feature-rich PowerPoint to PDF conversion options

The conversion process is made even easier by catering to how you work. You have the freedom to customize how you convert your slide deck to PDF.

Check out the useful, yet intuitive features built into the interface, itself:

  • Customize your view: The grid list icon in the upper right corner allows you to switch between tiled and list modes when clicked on.
  • Preview your files: Click on the eye symbol to preview and examine your spreadsheets before converting them to PDF.
  • Delete PDFs: Click on the garbage can icon to instantly remove any PDFs from your conversion queue.
  • Rearrange PDFs: By clicking on the double-line handle, you can change the order of conversion for your spreadsheets.
  • Convert more files: As a Xodo Pro user, you can add more PowerPoint presentations to your conversion job by clicking on Add more files.
Customization options of Xodo’s PowerPoint to PDF interface

Save and access your PDFs from online

You can also customize how you download your converted results. You’ll have options to save your resulting PDF to either Xodo Drive or Google Drive, giving you the freedom to decide how you access your PDF.

Xodo Drive gives you 5GB of online storage where you can keep your PDFs on the same platform for easy viewing, editing, or manipulation with our other Xodo PDF tools.

Work on your slide decks with Xodo

Whether you need to distribute your presentation to a wider audience, submit it for professional purposes, or simply want to create a digital photo album slide deck that remains tamper-free, the PDF format is the ideal choice.

Xodo's powerful and user-friendly platform streamlines your workflow, providing you with over 30 proven PDF tools to review, merge, split, and customize the PDF files you create from PowerPoint presentations.

Embrace the versatility and convenience of PDFs. Give Xodo Pro a try and experience the seamless transition from PowerPoint to PDF for yourself.

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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