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How to Create a Digital Photo Album in Microsoft PowerPoint

Jul 7 2023

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Thanks to social networks and mobile devices, you can create, manage, and share images instantly online. But what if you’re looking to do something special with your digital photos?

Now you don’t need to miss a single memory like a birthday or anniversary by simply creating a digital photo album for you and your loved ones. Microsoft PowerPoint is perfect for the task!

Use it to create a personalized digital photo album you can display and share! We’ll show you how to collect and store all your digital photos.

How to make a PowerPoint photo album

Using PowerPoint to create a photo album is very easy:

1. Open a new Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation.

2. On the menu bar, click on Insert>Photo Album. A dialog box will open, titled Photo Album.

3. Click on File/Disk to select images/album you want to include in your photo album. You can include pictures one by one, or a collection of them at once.

Adding photos to a PowerPoint photo album

They will appear in the Pictures in album box, where you can select them and display them in the Preview pane.

You can remove an image by clicking on the Remove button, or you can change the order by selecting a photo and moving it up or down using the arrows underneath the Pictures in album box. You’ll also see options to rotate or brighten the photo underneath.

Options for customizing pictures in PowerPoint photo album

For an artistic effect, you can make all photos black and white by clicking on ALL pictures black and white.

There are more layout options in the Album Layout section. You can either fit photos so that each fits the whole slide, or you can have more than one photo on one slide. You can even select different photo frames: rectangle, rounded, white, black, and so on.

4. Click the Create button to view your album.

A photo album being created in MS PowerPoint

There are some things you can start customizing:

  • Add a title for your album. Clicking on the Photo Album text and overriding it with a new title.
  • Change the size and position of a photo. You can do this by choosing a photo on the left side and clicking on it. Click on the white handle on top to skew the photo, or to resize it by pulling on the little circles in the corners.
Steps for adjusting the orientation of a picture in a PowerPoint photo album
  • Insert text descriptions about each photo. Jot down some memorable stories or moments about the picture. Add a text box in an empty space on the slide and enter your text! To help, we’ve got a few PowerPoint tips to wrap text around images for a polished look.

Update Your Photo Album

If you want to continue editing your album, you can click on the Insert tab in the menu bar on top, then on the little arrow underneath the Photo Album tab and choose Edit Photo Album.

Whenever you make edits here, remember to click on Update. Otherwise, your changes to the album will not be saved.

Editing a PowerPoint photo album

To label photos, 

1. Ensure that your Picture layout option is anything but Fit to Slide. Select the Format shape.

2. Check the Captions below ALL pictures option.

3. Click on Update.

4. Click on the captions in the album and type your caption text (if they don’t already have a caption).

Caption options for pictures in a PowerPoint photo album

Another neat feature of the PowerPoint Photo Album is its wide selection of themes and designs that you can choose as a background for your pictures.

In the Theme options in the dialog, click on Browse to look through the Microsoft PowerPoint photo album templates and themes, or click on the Design tab in the menu bar to select a theme.

Continue exploring the MS PowerPoint Photo Album options. When you’re happy with your creation, prepare it for sharing and archiving.

Share your PowerPoint photo album with the help of Xodo

One way to share a digital photo album is in PDF format so you can keep the style and format in its original form. Anyone you share it with can open and view it, regardless of which computer or device they use.

Use Xodo’s free online PowerPoint to PDF converter to convert and download your PowerPoint photo album as a PDF file.

Or you can use Xodo’s online Document Reader, which lets you open and display Office documents directly in your browser, including your original PowerPoint photo albums. You don’t need to download any software.

With over 30+ free PDF and document processing tools, you can accomplish exactly what you need in any of your documents using only Xodo!

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Reena Cruz

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