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How to Convert PDF to Text

Mar 15 2024

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Learn how to easily extract text from PDF files using Xodo’s PDF to Text converter tool. With just a few clicks, you can convert native and scanned PDF documents into editable text files instantly.

Believe it or not, being able to extract all text from PDFs is a skill worth having. While the task may seem simple, getting it accurately done is key.

Are you dissecting academic papers? Analyzing reports? Investigating data? Knowing how to extract and work with PDF text will give you the flexibility to focus solely on the data you need.

Are you dissecting academic papers? Analyzing reports? Investigatingdata? Converting PDFto textwill give you the flexibility to focussolely on the data you need.

Well, our guide below will take a detailed look at converting PDF to text the easy way. We’ll show you how to convert PDF to text online and how to convert scanned PDF to text, as well.

Join us as we go over the easiest way to transform your PDFs into editable text files and take your document management workflow to the next level!

How to convert PDF to text online

It only requires a few clicks to convert PDF to TXT with Xodo online – it's that simple. Follow these steps:

1. Go to Xodo’s PDF to Text tool.

2. Upload your PDF document.

3. Click on Convert.

Converting PDF to Text

4. Once the conversion is done, click on the Download button to save your file to your device. Or select to save your text files to Google Drive or Xodo Drive.

How to convert scanned PDF to text

Scanned PDFs are essentially images of text, rather than actual text itself. As such, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is required to analyze and then extract text from image PDFs. 

Fortunately, Xodo’s PDF to Text tool has the advanced OCR conversion technology built right in, which means you can get a seamless and accurate conversion of scanned PDFs to text right on the spot.

To do so, just follow the same steps above, but with a scanned PDF. The quality of the output will depend on the quality of the scanned document itself, though. 

So, when converting scanned PDFs, ensure the image PDF contains clear text, readable fonts, and that the text is properly aligned on the page.

Convert PDF to text your way with Xodo

The best part about using Xodo is that unlike other quick upload and convert tools online, Xodo is a platform that provides you with an online workspace for converting, managing and working with your documents. Here’s a look.

Customize how you work in the Xodo interface

You have a few ways to tailor how you work with Xodo, the conversion set up, your files. You can:

Customize your view: List and Grid view options let you visually work. Toggle the view option icon in the right-hand corner to work with your files as icon thumbnails or as a list.

Preview your PDFs: Do a last-minute check to see if the file you uploaded is, indeed, the right one. Click on the Eye icon to get a good quick look at the pages in the file.

Delete PDFs you don't want: Realized you accidentally uploaded the wrong PDF? No problem. Just click on the Garbage icon to remove it.

Rearrange file conversion order: You also get to decide the order in which your files are converted. Just click and drag the file icon or click on the double-line handle to move the file where you want it.

Batch convert using Xodo Pro: Need to convert more than one PDF? A Xodo Pro account will let you upload multiple files at once. Simply drag and drop them in or click on Add more files.

Save and access your digital documents with Xodo Drive

Included with Xodo is, of course, a cloud storage space – Xodo Drive. Here you can store any of the files you work with or process with Xodo’s tools your files.

Xodo Drive online cloud storage

You can do a number of things to manage your uploaded and processed files:

  • Instantly open your file in any of Xodo’s tools
  • View your documents directly while in Xodo Drive
  • Share a copy of your file via a sharing link
  • Download, rename or delete your file

Signing up for a Xodo Pro account will give you up to 5GB of space. Learn all there is to know with our Xodo Drive guide.

Use Xodo to unlock the potential of your PDF text

With the steps explored in this guide, you’re now able to convert PDF to text and scanned PDF to text online with a single tool. With Xodo, we've simplified the process, so you can pull text from PDF documents accurately and hassle-free.

And, as you’ve seen, Xodo takes that task up a notch. With over 30 PDF tools, you can edit PDF text, compare text, and even edit DOCX files directly without ever having to leave the platform.

Leave the PDF tasks to Xodo and manage your digital documents with both the convenience and flexibility you need. Take Xodo’s tools for a test drive below.

Explore Xodo Tools
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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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