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How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Aug 8 2023

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On a tight deadline with a presentation? Got PDF content you need in a slide deck? A quick PDF to PowerPoint conversion with Xodo will do the trick.

Xodo’s conversion technology will make quick work of your presentation by converting your PDF content to PowerPoint. With PowerPoint you can then easily edit graphics and text, modify formatting and layout, and present engaging content with added animations and audio.

If you need to present the content in your PDF to an audience – be it in a business meeting, academic conference, or classroom – converting it to a PowerPoint is the way to go. Here’s how.

How to convert PDF to PowerPoint for free

The process to converting PDF to PowerPoint can be done in as little as three steps with Xodo. Here’s how:

1. Go to Xodo’s free PDF to PowerPoint tool.

2. Upload your Excel spreadsheets from either your device, Xodo Drive, or Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Uploading PDF files to Xodo’s PDF to Power Converter

3. Click on Convert.

Convert PDF to PPT your way

Not only do you get a free online PDF to PowerPoint conversion tool with Xodo, but you also get access to a platform where you can work with your documents as needed.

Xodo’s PDF to PowerPoint conversion interface provides you with customization options that allow you to convert PDFs your way! Check them out:

  • Switch up the display of your conversion queue: You can switch between tiled and list modes by clicking on the grid list icon in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Preview and double-check the PDFs you uploaded: By clicking on the eye icon, you can preview your PDF files before converting them to PDF. 
  • Delete PDFs you no longer want to convert: If you change your mind about a PDF you uploaded, click on the garbage can icon to instantly remove the file.
  • Rearrange your conversion queue: You can also change the order in which your PDFs are converted. Simply click the double-line handle and drag it up or down the list to change the order.
  • Batch convert PDF to PowerPoint with Xodo Pro: Xodo Pro users can add more PDFs the conversion queue. If you’re one of them, click on Add more files to select and add more PDFs.
Exploring Xodo’s PDF to PowerPoint Converter interface options

Save and access your conversion results online

You can even download or save your file exactly where you need it. Choose to download your converted results to your device, or you can save it to either Google Drive or Xodo Drive.

With a Xodo Pro subscription, you get 5GB and can access and work with your file using Xodo Pro’s document management tools!

Boost your PDF productivity and conversions

Xodo’s free PDF to PowerPoint converter is just one step in the slide deck creation process to help you enhance dynamic elements, customize designs, or even add files to your presentation content. And that’s just the start of what Xodo is capable of when it comes to improving your workflow.

Subscribing to Xodo Pro you get unlimited access to over 30 Xodo PDF tools whenever and wherever you need them – online, on your desktop or on your mobile device. Instantly tackle tight deadlines with your content and projects just by logging in to start.

With Xodo you can convert, edit, view, merge, crop, split PDFs, and more! Start with a 7-day free trial and see how Xodo Pro improves your PDF tasks!

Try Xodo Pro On Your PDFs Today
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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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