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How to Add Stamp to PDF

Apr 26 2024

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Customize your PDF documents with personalized stamps in our latest blog post. Learn how to add and create stamps to your PDFs using Xodo PDF Editor online.

When you’re involved with digital document workflows, it can be hard to stay on the same page about the status of your document. That’s where PDF stamps come in.

Simple and easy to apply, stamps serve as visual indicators, giving others clarity and authenticity in different contexts, from legal contracts to business reports and beyond.

In this post, we’re looking at the advantages of using PDF stamps and three ways to add one to your PDF:

  • How to add stamp to a PDF
  • How to create a custom stamp for your PDF
  • How to add an image stamp to a PDF

First, let’s look at how adding stamps to your PDF can streamline your documents.

Why add stamps to PDFs?

When do you know when to use a stamp on your PDF? Adding stamps to your PDFs can be handy when managing, collaborating, and working with documents.

For instance, PDF stamping can help with the following:

Document Approval and Review

Stamping PDFs is often used in workflows requiring collaboration. Adding a "Reviewed," "Draft," or custom approved stamp can help indicate the status of a document during the review process with ease.

Signatures and Certification

Legal, finance, and government industries require document security and compliance. Stamping digital signatures or certification seals can help prove authenticity and integrity.

Document Tracking and Version Control

Stamping PDFs with date and time stamps, along with version control identifiers, can help track revisions and version history. A stamp can help manage multiple copies of contracts or proposals.

Confidentiality and Security

With confidential or sensitive information stamps you can better safeguard sensitive data and privacy. Adding "For Internal Use Only" or "Do Not Distribute" stamps can help restrict document access and usage.

Branding and Marketing

Stamping PDFs with your logo or branding elements is common in marketing material and reports. You can reinforce your brand and protect intellectual property with your logo image as a stamp.

So how do you create PDF stamps to add to your documents?

How to add stamp to a PDF

To add a stamp to your PDF, follow the steps below:

1.Go to Xodo’s online PDF Editor.

2. Upload your PDF and go to the page you want to stamp.

3. In the interface, select Insert from the drop-down menu.

4. Click on the Rubber Stamp button on the toolbar and then, from the drop-down menu under the Standard tab, select and click on the stamp you wish to use.

5. Once activated, click on the page where you wish to place it.

Adding a stamp to PDF

If you want to customize the appearance of the stamp, there are a few things you can modify or add once the stamp is placed.

To start, first click on the stamp on the page and then follow any of the below depending on how you wish to customize the stamp:

  • Click on the palette icon. You’ll be able to adjust the opacity using the slider.
  • Click and drag on the handles to scale the stamp bigger or smaller.
  • Click on the comments icon to expand the panel and add a note to the stamp.
 Customizing a PDF stamp

6. When you’re done adding and customizing the stamp, click on Download to save the file to your computer or save it to your cloud drive.

How to create a custom stamp for your PDF

While using the standard stamps above can serve almost any purpose, you may still wish to further customize your own stamp. Here's how:

1. Upload your PDF to Xodo’s online PDF Editor and go to the page you want to stamp.

2. In the interface, select Insert from the drop-down menu and then on the Rubber Stamp button on the toolbar.

3. From the drop-down menu under the Custom tab, click on Create New Stamp.

4. Create your stamp using the options available. Customize your stamp’s text, font, formatting, text colour, and background colour.

Xodo also lets you create a dynamic stamp that uses real-time information from your computer on your stamp.

Users viewing the stamp will quickly be able to see the day it was placed, who placed it, and at what time. A perfect option for time-stamping approvals.

You can select to include the time, date, date format, and your Xodo username on the stamp, as well as the formatting of the date. The metadata of the stamp will automatically update.

Create custom dynamic PDF stamps

5. When you’re happy with the appearance of your stamp. Click on Create to add it to the page.

6. Then save your PDF to your device by downloading it or saving it to your cloud drive.

How to add an image stamp to a PDF

If you already have an image you’d like to use as a stamp, you can ones for your company’s logo or your signature

1. Upload your PDF to Xodo’s online PDF Editor and go to the page you want to stamp.

2. In the interface, select Insert from the drop-down menu and then click on the Image button on the toolbar.

3. Click on the page where you wish to insert your image, and then in the pop-up dialog that appears, browse for and select your image and click on Open.

4. You can then customize the image with the same options available for Standard stamps.

 Adding image stamp to PDF

5. Once you’re done adding your image stamp, save the file to your device by clicking on Download or saving the PDF to your cloud drive.

Start stamping your PDFs instantly with Xodo!

You can now add a standard stamp to streamline your PDF, customize a dynamic stamp with metadata, or establish your brand with your own image as a stamp.

No matter what your needs, you can stamp to your PDFs whenever needed. Whether you're a business professional, educator, or student, Xodo makes it possible.

If you need to further customize your PDF, we’ve got other guides to help add a finishing touch to your documents:

From approval stamps to digital signatures, discover how to make your PDFs stand out with Xodo.

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