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5 Great Websites to Download Free PDF Travel Guides

Jun 23 2023

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Are you looking to travel and discover new places on your next vacation? Have a few business trips booked for the year?

No matter where you plan to go, reading up on your destination is always important. And one of the most useful travel accessories is a digital travel guide you can take with you!

Check out some sites where you can find and download destination and travel guides in PDF format! 

1. In Your Pocket

In Your Pocket specializes in creating travel guides for European cities and have a good selection of free guides available. Their city guides are just as thorough and professional as printed versions, complete with high resolution photos and detailed descriptions.

Free city PDF travel guides from In Your Pocket

The site will allow you to download their digital PDF guides for free. All you need to do is to submit an email to download the PDF to your computer. 

2. Free Travel Guides

If you’re traveling to the United States, Free Travel Guides has highly visual, informative and quality travel guides that emails you via a link where you can either view them online or download as a free PDF.

You can even choose to get hard copy travel guides by mail. While they don’t have guides for each state just yet, the guides they do have won’t disappoint you!

3. Issuu

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that allows users and brands to upload and showcase their digital publications–travel guides included! 

PDF travel guide stacks on Issuu

On Issuu, you can search for Travel magazines by Publication, Publishers, and Stacks. The latter are collections of travel magazines curated by users, so you’re sure to find a good variety of travel guides recommended by the community.

4. Mexican Caribbean

Aptly named, Mexican Caribbean focuses on travel to the Mexican Caribbean region. Their travel guides are visually appealing and look like top-end magazines.

All travel guides from this site spotlight the type of hidden gem locations you’d be looking to include on your visit to the region. You can access their guides directly from their site and download them for later. 

5. World Nomads

If you’re still researching which country to visit, World Nomads is a site that can help you decide. It has a section dedicated to would-be travelers looking to learn about their destination.

PDF travel guides from World Nomads

Their high-quality downloadable guides are focused by country and are sent to you via a download link after you provide them with an email address.

As a bonus, they even have phrase book apps for different languages to help you communicate with the locals while you travel!

Start researching your trip with Xodo 

If you need a PDF viewer for reading all the travel guides you downloaded in PDF format, try our free online PDF Reader. It not only lets you view your PDF anywhere or on any device, it also allows you to annotate and make travel notes on your PDF!

Xodo has more than 30+ online PDF tools for everything you need when reading your PDF downloads. Use Xodo Pro to plan your next trip with a few handy tools to mark up and organize your travel PDF guides!

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