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Teaching with Technology - Top PDF Tools for Teachers

Sept 8 2023

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It goes without saying that technology has become a huge part of teaching and learning. With the rise of remote and hybrid learning, educators are turning to digital tools to enhance how they teach and engage students.

Have you updated your teaching tools? One such tool to check out is Xodo, a proven PDF suite of tools that offer a range of features for teaching with technology.

In this blog post, we'll explore how innovative PDF tools can help boost your students’ learning and engagement.

Mark and review student assignments

One of Xodo's most powerful features for teaching is its ability to annotate PDF documents. As a teacher, you can use Xodo to grade PDF assignments, provide feedback, and highlight important information.

With the digital annotation tools, you can easily markup PDFs with comments, highlights, and drawings. This feature not only saves time but also allows for personalized feedback, giving you the ability to engage with students and how they learn.

How to annotate and markup PDFs with Xodo

Annotating PDFs is simple. With the number of annotation tools available, you can add any type of PDF markup you need.

From adding positive comments and underlines for corrections to highlighting areas for improvement and strikethroughs for corrections, Xodo lets you do it all.

1. Open your PDF file in the PDF Annotator Tool.

2. Markup your PDF file using available tools in the main Annotate toolbar.

Annotating and marking a student essay with Xodo

3. Download the annotated PDF to your device.

Convert PDF content into teaching material you can use

One of the main aspects of teaching is coming up with teaching material from research gathered from other sources. Often, the best material will be from PDFs that are used to preserve learning material such as textbooks, presentations, and general information.

If you find PDFs with content that would be taught best to your students in a different format, Xodo can help. Its PDF conversion tools can convert PDF files to popular Office formats and images in seconds. You can, for instance, convert your PDF to Word and then directly edit Docx content using Xodo without missing a beat - all online.

How to convert PDF to MS Office and image formats

Xodo comes with conversion options to start instantly converting information material you can edit. Here’s how:

1. Go to xodo.com and select the PDF to MS Office format or image converter you need

2. Upload a file from your computer or select your file from Google Drive, Dropbox or Xodo Drive. 

3. Click on Convert.

4. Click on the Download button to download your file. 

Add Digital Signatures to forms, student contracts, or permission slips

Another powerful Xodo feature is its digital signature tool. This feature is especially useful when you require signed documents for administrative purposes or one-on-one records you keep on your students. 

How to Sign PDFs with Xodo

You can easily review, approve, and sign documents, including permission slips, forms, and contracts. Signing PDF forms is easy to do with Xodo:

1. Select your file in Xodo Sign PDF tool.

2. Create and add your signature and date onto the PDF document.

Adding a signature to a contract using Xodo

3. Download the signed PDF file to your device.

For more advanced electronic signatures with digital paper trails and advanced security, try our new eSignature platform Xodo Sign.

Fill PDF forms, report cards or student worksheets

Xodo's form filling and editing features are also useful. You can use them to edit, fill out, and share forms, including surveys, project proposals, and worksheets.

You can easily customize and personalize all your student-related materials, helping you to enhance and reinforce the learning process. Modify existing forms and report cards and it becomes easy to update your records as the year progresses.

How to fill forms and edit documents with Xodo

Here’s how to start filling out PDF forms with Xodo:

1. Select your PDF form in our Fill PDF Forms tool.

2. Fill in the fields needed on your PDF file.

Filling in PDF report card with Xodo PDF Form Filler

3. Once you’re done, click on the Apply changes button.

4. Download the new PDF file to your device.

Store your source files using Xodo Drive

In addition to integration with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, Xodo comes with its very own Xodo Drive – perfect for storing and accessing PDFs, presentations, documents, images, and spreadsheets you just converted or edited.

Useful for remote and hybrid learning, Xodo Drive allows you to access your lesson material from anywhere, whether you’re on mobile, desktop, or online. 

How to use Xodo Drive

If you’re a Xodo Pro user, you can save your file to Xodo Drive with 5GB of online storage. To start using Xodo Drive from your desktop, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Xodo Pro account.

2. Click on Home in the top menu and your Xodo Drive dashboard will be displayed. 

Xodo Drive interface

Here, you can do a number of things:

  • Upload files from your computer.
  • View all the files you have available.
  • View only the processed documents you’ve saved to Xodo Drive. 
  • Delete any files you no longer need.

For each individual file, you can view the document or open it directly within another Xodo tool. By clicking on the 3 dots, you’ll have options to rename, delete, or download the file.

Access Xodo tools directly from Xodo Drive

Every time you use Xodo, you’ll be able to upload your document directly to any Xodo tool you need. Repurpose, view, or reuse any content you need to edit, merge, highlight text, and more!

Teach with tech tools like a pro with Xodo Pro

Xodo offers a range of powerful features for teaching with technology. From digital annotations and markups to PDF conversion and signing, it can enhance your engagement with students in a variety of ways, whether you're teaching in-person or remotely.

Why not give Xodo Pro a try and see how it can enhance how you teach today? You can use Xodo online on desktop and mobile using your Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device. Our suite of more than 30 PDF tools lets you edit, annotate, sign, and share PDFs all in one place. 

Join Xodo today by starting with our 7-day Xodo Pro free trial. You’ll get access to even more tools you can integrate into your lesson planning routine and make it more efficient than ever.

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Reena Cruz

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