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How to Spell Check a PDF

Sept 15 2023

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The PDF format’s popularity is rooted in their inherent security. When you send out a report, essay, or article in the PDF format, your text, images, and formatting are safely locked into place – but unfortunately, so are any spelling errors.

In a world where effective communication is everything, ensuring that your written content is free from spelling mistakes is essential. It helps you convey your message clearly, avoid misunderstandings, and maintain your professional reputation.

If you find the need to perform basic spell checks and correct any errors that may be lurking in your PDF, you’ll find yourself in a tight spot trying to find a quick solution.

Fortunately, there is! Below, we’ll over a quick workaround on how to spell check your PDF content.

How to spell check a PDF file?

The best way to spell check your PDF document is to convert it to an editable Microsoft Word document.

This will enable you to spell check the content and edit it further before sending it out. The process starts with Xodo PDF tools.

Converting PDF to Word

Using Xodo’s free PDF to Word converter features makes the process not only user-friendly, but easy. Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the free PDF to Word converter.

2. Upload your PDF either from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox or Xodo Drive. 

3. Click on the Convert button. 

A PDF uploaded to Xodo’s PDF to Word Converter

4. When the conversion is done, click on the Download button to save the file to your device. Or you can save your file to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Xodo Drive for easy access on any device.

Once you have your converted Word file, use the spell check functionality in Microsoft Word or any other Word alternative and make the necessary changes to the document.

Spell checking text in MS Word

You’ll then have a fully edited and spell-checked version of your original PDF available to you.

How to spell check a scanned PDF?

Another great thing about Xodo is that it has the tools to help you convert a scanned PDF to Word, as well.

All you need to do is upload your scanned PDF to our free Online OCR Converter to first convert your scanned PDF file to an electronically readable PDF document.

Then upload that same file to Xodo’s PDF to Word converter as above.

Upload a scanned PDF to Xodo’s Online OCR Converter

You’ll then get a downloadable Word document you can perform the same type of spell check on.

Start perfecting your PDF content

Spell checking is a crucial step in ensuring accuracy, professionalism, and the overall quality of your content. The above workaround is the perfect solution for anyone looking to check the document’s spelling and edit the content accordingly.

Using dedicated PDF tools like Xodo and the built-in spell-checking features of MS Word can work wonders to help you quickly catch and correct spelling errors. And this is just one example of how Xodo can save you in tight situations.

With more than 30 PDF and document management tools, Xodo is a simple yet invaluable tool to have in your arsenal for creating, converting, and editing Word documents and PDFs. 

Try Xodo Pro for 7 days and boost your digital document productivity!

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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