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How to Open PDF in Chrome

Dec 5 2023

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Web browsers are essential for anything involving online work. From reading online articles to drafting documents, a web browser like Google Chrome can turn into your top tool for getting tasks done – even PDF tasks.

If you’ve ever needed to view PDFs in browser applications like Chrome, then the first trick you need to learn is how to open PDF in Chrome.

We’ll show you how to get that simple task done and cover a few helpful troubleshooting and tool tips while we’re at it.

We’ll help you transform your Chrome browser into a powerful PDF tool! Let’s begin.

How to open PDF in Google Chrome

When opening a PDF in Google Chrome, there are a few ways in which you can go about it depends on where you access your PDF from.

  • To open PDF files stored on your computer, you can use the right-click context menu:

1. Locate and browse for the PDF you want to view.

2. Right-click on it.

3. Select Open with > Google Chrome.

4. Click on Open.

Another way is to simply drag and drop the PDF from your computer into Google Chrome while the browser is open.

  • To open PDFs from a link online, simply click on the link and it should open in the same tab. Alternatively, you can also right-click and select to Open link in new tab.

Why is my PDF not opening in Chrome?

As simple and straightforward as the above methods are, there can be instances where the PDF can’t open in Chrome.

A couple of causes? Google may be set to download PDFs you open, or Google Chrome may not be your default PDF viewer.

Well, we’ve got a few quick tips to get your PDF opening in chrome. 

How to open PDF in Chrome instead of download

If you haven’t adjusted any Chrome settings, chances are that your browser is set by default to open downloads in Chrome instead of opening them. So clicking on PDF links will cause Chrome to download PDFs to your computer.

To set Chrome to open PDF files instead of downloading them, you can follow these steps:

1. Open Google Chrome and type in chrome://settings into the address bar.

2. Go to Privacy and security > Site settings.

3. Click on Additional content settings to expand the list and go to PDF documents.

4. Check on the Open PDFs in Chrome radio button.

Chrome settings for opening PDFs in Chrome

Close the settings tab and try opening a PDF file to see if it opens in your default PDF viewer. Note that this setting may not work for all PDF files. Some websites may have their own settings that force downloads.

How to set Chrome as default PDF viewer

Constantly working online? Want to set yourself up with a permanent Chrome PDF viewer? You can easily do this with a few clicks:

1. Locate and browse for the PDF you want to view.

2. Right-click on it.

3. Select Open with > Choose another app.

4. Choose Google Chrome and click on Always.

Making Chrome the default PDF viewer on Windows

As an online tool, Chrome can quickly get you started with PDF files online, whether you're viewing PDFs, saving webpages as a PDF, copying PDF text, or translating PDFs.

View and work with PDFs in Chrome using Xodo

Using your browser is undeniably convenient. However, working with them is very limiting. Your PDF options are limited. You can copy text from a PDF page, print and download the file, rotate your pages, and customize your page, text, and thumbnail views.

It ultimately means switching between multiple applications for other PDF tasks. But online PDF tools, like Xodo, keep you one single platform.

You can collaborate, share, and work with PDFs directly within Chrome. And it all starts with Xodo PDF Reader.

1. Go to Xodo’s PDF Reader.

2. Start browsing for your PDF from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive or Xodo Drive.

3. Once located, open your PDF.

View and edit PDFs with Xodo

You can then view your PDF using Xodo while still in Chrome. The best part? You get to access PDF functionalities as you view your PDF. Just select a PDF tool from the drop-down list in the toolbar to start. You can:

  • Edit PDF text directly to make last minute corrections that would otherwise take more time with desktop apps.
  • Annotate PDF pages by marking up content with comments, highlights, sticky notes, and underlines.
  • Sign PDF forms to quickly approve and sign documents or submit applications.
  • Redact any sensitive data from your PDF on the spot to secure and keep information private.

Xodo is even equipped with its own Xodo Drive so you can access and continue to work with your PDFs from anywhere.

Work faster with Xodo, PDFs, and Google Chrome

Why juggle between desktop applications when Google Chrome can handle them? Viewing PDFs in Chrome means less clutter, more speed, and a smoother transition between web content and your PDF documents.

By adding Xodo into the mix, you can extend your PDF productivity tenfold. From viewing and annotating to editing and signing, Xodo’s 30+ PDF tools allow you to stay in Chrome and do more with your PDF content. 

Want to work seamlessly, more efficiently, and with ease on PDFs in your browser? Try Xodo!

Start Xodo Pro Free For 7 Days!
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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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