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How to Merge PDF Files on Phone

May 10 2024

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Our guide shows you step-by-step the process of merging multiple PDF files on your phone. Learn to seamlessly combine PDF documents with Xodo's merging tool and its built-in features.

Dealing with PDFs means being able to work with them on a desktop, online, and even on the go.

For instance, if you need to combine new pages into a PDF contract for an upcoming meeting, you won't want to wait to get behind your desktop to get it done. 

The best solution? Merge the PDF files right on your phone!

If you don’t know where to start, follow along as we go over everything you need to know to quickly merge PDFs on your mobile.

Advantages of merging PDF on mobile devices

If you’re new to working with PDFs on your phone, you may think merging PDFs on your device could be more complicated than it's worth.

Yet, it actually offers many advantages.

You can merge PDF files anytime and anywhere, accessing and merging the PDFs stored on either your phone or cloud storage with ease.

And you also get the same desktop flexibility on your phone to customize the order of pages and combine native and scanned PDFs together.

You can create the comprehensive PDFs you need while in transit, sitting in waiting rooms, or when it's an emergency.

How to merge PDF files on your phone

So how do you go about the task on your phone?

Use Xodo, our full-featured suite of PDF tools that is cross-platform and has an Android app and iOS app with a dedicated PDF merge file tool built right in. 

Install it onto your device and follow the steps below. While the steps are for Android, the process is similar for iOS devices, so you can easily merge PDFs on iPhone using the same method.

1. Tap on the Xodo icon on your screen.

2. Tap on the Toolbox button from the toolbar menu at the bottom.

3. Select Manage PDF > Merge Pages.

4. Select the PDFs you wish to merge. Select as many PDFs as you need. For instance, you can easily combine three PDFs into one at the same time.

If you don’t see your file listed, tap on ADD FILES to browse for and select your PDF from a list of different locations.

5. Tap on NEXT. Rearrange the order in which you want your PDF files to appear in the newly merged PDF.

Simply long tap and drag on the handles on the right-hand side of the file name.

Also, at this stage, you can choose whether to save the merged file to your Xodo Drive or not.

6. Tap on MERGE.

Merging PDFs on phone

Once your PDFs are merged, you can continue your work with the options below:

  • Suggested Actions: These are Xodo’s suggested actions that let you access the tools you may need for the next step in your workflow without ever leaving the app.
  • More Actions: If the action you need isn’t listed, you can easily access the list of original set of tools right from where you are.
Tool actions for merged PDFs on your phone

Selecting either option will automatically upload and set up your PDF in the tool, allowing you to continue your work without disruption.

Right at your fingertips, you’ll have options to edit, sign, annotate, compress, convert, and even sign your PDF documents

Use Xodo to boost your document workflow

We’ve just shown you how to merge your PDF documents on your phone – and how to improve your productivity in the process.

Combining the benefits of merging PDFs on your phone with the added capabilities of Xodo’s 30+ PDF tools is a major game changer.

Edit, resize, split, and sign PDFs all on one platform. Go ahead and experience the same boost in your online document workflow today!

Explore Xodo’s 30+ Tools
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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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