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How to Convert PNG to JPG

Jun 20 2023

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PNG and JPG files are the most popular image file formats online, and it can be hard to know which one is better for your needs. Both have their own strengths, so what’s the difference between them? 

While a PNG file has better quality and is ideal to use on websites, JPG files are the better choice when you need a smaller file size. And if you need to send or upload your image to a document, a JPG version will be smaller.

If you want to convert a PNG to JPG, without compromising the quality of your image, then you're in luck! We’ll show you how.

How to convert PNG to JPG online

You can use Xodo’s free online converters to convert PNG images. You’ll need to convert PNG to PDF first and then to JPG. 

Convert PNG to PDF

Convert your PNG to PDF by following the steps below:

1. Go to Xodo’s free PNG to PDF converter.

2. Upload your PNG either from your device, Xodo Drive, or Google Drive, and Dropbox. Select your output option to Merge into one file or Convert each image separately.

Xodo’s online PNG to PDF conversion output options

3. Click on Convert.

4. Download and save your file to your device, Xodo Drive, or Google Drive.

Once the image is converted to PDF you can then convert from PDF to JPG. 

Bonus tip: When downloading your converted PDF, save it to Xodo Drive. This will reduce the amount of time spent downloading and uploading your file again for the next step.

Convert PDF to JPG

To convert your PDF to JPG, you can stay in Xodo and finish the rest of the process online. Here’s how:

1. Go to Xodo’s free PDF to JPG converter.

2. Upload the PDF document you just created.

3. Click on Convert.

4. Save your new JPG files to your device, Xodo Drive, or Google Drive.

Xodo’s online PDF to JPG conversion results

Make Xodo a part of your image editing workflow

All image file formats have their purpose and if you have access to the right tools, you can easily switch from one image format to another without losing its quality. Xodo generates high-quality images you can use in any image editor.

This tip offers just one way to convert PNG images into other formats. Xodo’s other free online tools, such as HEIC to PNG and PNG to HEIC, are two other tools you’ll want to check out.

See how Xodo’s PNG converter tools fit into your image editing process with a 7-day free trial.

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Reena Cruz

PDF Productivity Expert

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