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Three Ways to Convert a PNG to PDF Using Xodo

Jul 11 2023

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Image files are widely used online – from web design for your business website to adding a visual touch to your social media account. 

Options will come in handy if you need to repurpose the image or get it into another file format like a PDF document.

Need to convert a PNG file to PDF?

This post offers a few tips on the format and how to get the job done in 3 different ways using Xodo, our PNG converter.

1. Convert a PNG to PDF online

If you don’t want to install any software on your computer, you can use a free online converter from Xodo.

You can use the PNG conversion tool from anywhere, like your home, office, or an internet café:

1. Open Xodo’s free PNG to PDF converter.

2. Upload your PDF either from your device, Xodo Drive, or Google Drive, and Dropbox. 

If you’re a Xodo Pro user, you can upload more than one PNG file and choose whether to Merge into one file or Convert each image separately.

Conversion output options being selected in Xodo PNG to PDF online converter

3. Click on the Convert button.

4. Download the converted file to your device.

If you’re searching around on how to convert PNG to PDF on Mac, use the same steps above.

You’ll be able to download your PNG images instantly onto your macOS device once the conversion is done.

2. How to convert PNG to PDF on Windows

Xodo is also available as a desktop app for Xodo Pro plan subscribers. Sign up now if you’re not already a subscriber to install Xodo from the Windows store

For Windows 10 users, follow these steps:

1. Open Xodo.

2. Click to expand the menu.

3. Expand the Convert to PDF menu and select PNG to PDF.

Xodo PNG to PDF conversion option in Windows 10 app

4. Upload your file from your computer by clicking on Browse or drag your file into Xodo.

5. Name your converted file by selecting Alter Filename under the Overwrite Method drop-down menu.

6. Click on Convert and save your file to your device.

If you’re on Windows 11, follow these steps:

1. Open Xodo.

2. Select the PNG to PDF converter from the main page or click to expand the Tools drop-down menu to select it from the list of tools.

Xodo PNG to PDF converter option in Windows 11 app

3. Upload your file from your computer by clicking on Browse or dragging your file into Xodo.

4. Choose whether to Merge into one file or to Convert each image separately.

5. Click on Convert and save your file to your device.

3. Convert PNG to PDF on your mobile device

For mobile use, you can install Xodo from the Apple App store and Google Play store onto your device. You’ll have full access to your device's files and cloud documents.

How to convert PNG to PDF on Android

Download the free Xodo Android app to your phone. Once the app is installed on your device, you can convert your PNG files instantly from anywhere. Get started as follows:

1. Open Xodo.

2. Click on Convert to PDF.

3. Click on Add Files.

4. Select your file from the listed options available.

5. Click on Next > Convert. The conversion process will start automatically.

Once the conversion is done, you’ll be able to access your converted PDF by clicking on Locate, which will bring you to your list of Processed Files.

How to convert a PNG to PDF on iPhone or iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad, go to the Apple app store to download the free Xodo iOS app on your phone. You can then convert your PNG to PDF as follows:

1. Go to Xodo on your mobile device.

2. Select your file from the listed options available.

3. Click the Convert button to start the conversion.

4. Click the arrow icon to download the converted file to your device.

If you don’t want to install an app on your phone – no worries! You can use our free online PNG to PDF converter from your mobile browser.

What is a PNG file?

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic.

It’s a high-quality image file format widely used various purposes including branding, marketing, and graphic design. For starters, PNG image files have a wider and brighter colour spectrum than most image formats and can support a transparent background.

In addition, the format provides lossless compression, which means that the original image quality is kept even after compression.

PNGs are universal, meaning that they can be viewed online via a browser, on Windows, Mac, and on cloud storage services like Google Drive, for easy viewing from your phone or tablet.

Graphic designers and content creators often use this image format online. The PNG format is perfect for detailed graphics and charts and is widely used on websites or for logos on various backgrounds.

Work on all your PDFs with Xodo

If you find the above useful, explore the 30+ Xodo tools available! Our online tools include PDF editing, annotating, cropping, compressing, merging, and more. Sign up today - you’ll get 7 days to try out everything Xodo Pro has to offer.

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Reena Cruz

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