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How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac

Aug 4 2023

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Learn how to convert your HEIC photos to JPG on Mac using the built-in Preview app and Xodo's free online converter, ensuring they're compatible for sharing with anyone.

HEIC is the default image format for Apple users, offering superior quality and efficient storage across Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices.

However, compatibility issues emerge when it comes to sharing HEIC images with non-Apple users. Not all devices can open this image format.

Converting HEIC to a more universal format like JPG will allow you to more easily share your images with anyone.

In this guide, we'll show you how to effortlessly convert HEIC to JPG on your Mac using Preview and Xodo's free online converter. Let's dive in!

How to convert HEIC to JPG on Mac using Preview 

The simplest method for converting HEIC to JPG on Mac is to use the Preview app. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your HEIC file in the Preview app.
  2. In the File menu, choose Export.
  3. Select JPG as the export format from the list.
  4. Name the new JPG photo and save it to your Mac.
Converting HEIC to JPG on Mac using Preview

While the Preview app is a convenient option, it does have limitations, such as only allowing you to save one HEIC file as JPG at a time.

For more efficient conversion of your HEIC images to JPG, especially in large batches, use Xodo's free online HEIC to JPG converter.

How to convert HEIC to JPG online on Mac

Easily convert your HEIC to JPG images online on your Mac using Xodo, without the need to download any additional apps. Here’s how:

  1. Open Xodo’s free online HEIC to JPG converter
  2. Upload the HEIC photo from your Mac. 
  3. Click on the Convert button. 
  4. Once the conversion is complete, simply click the Download button to save the JPG file to your Mac.
Converting HEIC to JPG online on Mac using Xodo

Batch convert HEIC to JPG on Mac

With Xodo, you don't have to convert your images one by one. You can easily batch convert HEIC to JPG, transforming entire photo albums in just a few steps.

Batch converting HEIC to JPG on Mac with Xodo

Please note that batch processing is a Pro feature, so you'll need to start a 7-day free trial. You can cancel anytime during the trial period.


Not sure what the HEIC image format is?

Why you might consider switching to other image formats?

Here are some frequently asked questions about image format.

What is the HEIC image format?

The High-efficiency image container, also known as HEIC, is the default format for storing individual digital images and photos on Apple devices since iOS 11. 

This modern image format provides better image quality while taking up less storage space compared to other popular image formats like JPG.

Why convert HEIC to JPG?

Here are some of the main reasons to convert your HEIC images to JPG:

Compatibility: JPG is a universally supported image format, allowing for seamless sharing and viewing across a wide range of platforms and devices.

Accessibility: Not all devices and software support HEIC files, making JPG a more accessible option for sharing images with a wider audience.

Convenience: Converting HEIC to JPG allows for easier integration with existing workflows and applications that may not support HEIC format.

Preservation: Converting to JPG guarantees long-term accessibility, given its widespread acceptance and proven reliability as an image format over time.

What are the advantages of HEIC files?

HEIC offers several advantages over formats like JPG.

Firstly, it efficiently compresses images while maintaining high quality, ensuring your photos look sharp without taking up excessive storage space.

Additionally, it supports transparency and captures more colors, resulting in more vibrant and true-to-life images.

Another benefit is its editing flexibility, allowing you to add layers or enhancements without losing image quality.

What are the disadvantages of HEIC files?

HEIC offers advantages primarily for Apple users, as only Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices can display these files natively.

This presents an obstacle for users outside of the Apple ecosystem, as most other devices and browsers lack native support for viewing HEIC files.

This limitation highlights the need for broader support and integration across different devices and operating systems.

Convert HEIC to JPG and More

Xodo simplifies the conversion of HEIC and other image formats, ensuring your photos maintain optimal quality across all devices.

Explore our other easy-to-follow guides to perform other popular file conversions:

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