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How to Remove Signature from PDF

Apr 23 2024

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Learn how to remove signatures from your PDF documents. Our tutorial guide covers everything you need to delete your signatures from PDF files using Xodo’s online PDF conversion, editor and redaction tools.

When working with digital documents, electronic signatures are a way to authenticate and validate PDF documents. But there can come a time when you may need to remove a signature rather than add one.

If you need to delete a signature from a PDF, we got you covered. In this guide, we’ll answer some of your more common questions and show you different ways to delete a signature from PDF documents.

We’ll show you how to:

Get ready to learn how to remove signatures from PDFs. Let's begin.

Common FAQs about PDF signatures

Because signing a PDF is an added level of security and can be quite complex, it’s good to first address and simplify a few things. Below we cover some of the common questions you may have.

Why remove PDF signatures?

Removing a signature from a PDF can usually happen if you’re trying to fix or retain the original content of the signed PDF.

It can become a last resort when you’re reworking signed contract terms, removing signatures due to changes in signing parties, or perhaps have gotten signatures placed on the wrong page.

Note that while you can remove a signature from a PDF, it is recommended to only do so if it is your own and is removed before having sent it out for others to sign.

Why can't I remove a signature from a PDF?

When you have issues and you can't remove signature from PDF, it may be due to a few reasons. Some can include:

  • The PDF itself is secured with password protection or permission restrictions.
  • You may have a scanned PDF of a signed hard copy.
  • The PDF is signed with a digital ID or certificate and is locked, giving others Read-Only access to prevent changes.

Can you remove a signature from a PDF?

Yes, you can. If you’re the only signer, you can remove your own signature from the PDF. If needed, you can then edit the PDF and sign the document once again.

How do I remove a signature from a PDF so I can edit?

You can remove your own signature from your document using the methods below and then edit the PDF as you wish.

Bear in mind, though, that if you’ve already sent out your signed document, the other signers will still have a copy of the original signed PDF.

While you can remove your own signature, you can’t remove someone else's. This includes removing more advanced digital signatures from others which involve encryption, digital IDs or certificates.

For those types of signatures, you need to request a copy of the original document or that the signers remove their signatures from the PDF.

How to remove signatures from PDF online

Before we begin, note that the methods below are to remove electronic signatures from PDF – signatures that are attached as an image, created by drawing it with your mouse or a stylus, or typing one out.

Remove a signature by converting PDF to Word

One of the quickest ways to remove a basic signature from a PDF document is to convert the PDF to Word. You can then manually remove the signature.

1. Go to Xodo's PDF to Word converter.

2. Upload the signed PDF.

3. Click on Convert.

Converting PDF to Word

4. Once the conversion is done, click on Download to save the Word document to your device or save it to your cloud storage.

5. Open the document in MS Word on your computer and delete the signature manually.

When you’ve deleted the signature (and made any other revisions needed), you can simply export your Word document back to PDF.

Remove signatures using an online PDF editor

If you’re signature from a PDF, you can use Xodo’s online PDF Editor to remove it directly from the page. Here’s how:

1. Go to Xodo’s online PDF Editor.

2. Upload your PDF containing the signature you wish to remove.

3. Go to the page containing the digital signature and click on it.

4. In the context menu that appears, click on the Trash icon to delete the signature. The signature will then be removed.

Deleting PDF signature in PDF Editor

5. You can then continue to edit and work with the PDF or save the copy to your device by clicking on Download or saving it to your cloud storage.

Remove signatures from scanned PDFs by redacting PDF

It isn’t uncommon for users to print and manually sign hard copies. Unfortunately, if so, then that copy may be the only version you have.

So, if all you have is a scanned PDF of the source document that you need to repurpose, you can first erase signature on PDF pages first and then work with the document as a scanned PDF. Here’s how:

1. Go to Xodo’s Redact PDF tool.

2. Upload your PDF containing the signature you wish to remove and go to the page containing the digital signature.

4. Customize your redaction to match your document. Click on one of the redaction preset buttons and set the Stroke and Fill colour to white.

5. Highlight and select the signature the signature to mark it for for redaction. Click on Redact All and in the confirmation pop up dialog click on OK.

Removing signature from scanned PDF

6. You can then save the PDF to your device by clicking on Download or saving to your cloud drive.

Once you have the image of the signature redacted, you can use our OCR converter to turn the file into an editable PDF or a searchable PDF you can convert to another format.

Use Xodo to manage PDF signatures and documents like a pro!

Whether you‘re converting, editing or redacting PDF signatures with Xodo's tools, you’re now more than ready to manage your PDF signatures and documents.

Removing a signature from a PDF can seem like an intimidating task, but Xodo can help make the task easier.

Take control over your digital paperwork using Xodo today!

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Reena Cruz

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